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Pierre-Louis Costes – Podcast Episode 2

The second episode of the Pierre-Louis Costes podcast is now online. Watch it here: and/or here on

The Eunate Aguirre Diaries – Episode 3 – “I’m home”

The Eunate Aguirre Diaries – Episode 3 – “I’m home” is now on Vimeo. ANother cool clip to watch: Well edited and filmed !

Pierre-Louis Costes – Podcast – Episode 1 now online

We teased you with PLC’s podcast series a couple weeks ago, and now PLC delivers with his 1st podcast in a series of podcast he’s doing. Episode 1 is online ! “South America” – Watch it here on Vimeo:

Two more clips you must watch on Mitch Rawlins’ website

There are 2 new clips on Mitch’ website that you don’t wanna miss:

One is a great little clip from the Canary Islands (click this link to watch it on Mitch website). It’s the #1 clip of a mini series of movies filmed in the Canary Islands by Andy Lawrence and Mitch around the time of the worldtour contest last year in December 2009. Really cool clip, well filmed and well edited.

The other cool clip you need to watch is Mitch’ movie teaser #2 for his upcoming movie HIDING FROM COMFORT”. Go watch the clip here. It’s super good and the quality of the footage is insane. Can’t wait to see the whole movie.

Glen Thurston launches his own board brand and website

Glen Thurston launches his own board brand and website. This is no secret anymore but for some reason we haven’t talked about it yet here on

Have a look at his website here: and have a look at the trailer for his new board brand called ID Bodyboards here.

PS: We’re not too sure about the trailer - kids not going to the peep show thanks to Glen and his boards more or less… which has nothing to do with bodyboarding really… - but the boards look good.

Reunion Island? yeah bébé!

To watch right now: Reunion Island. Fuck! That’s a good clip! Congrats guys, sickest edit and freakin good images!

You need to watch this !

For some reason we had never seen that Paul Roach / Aaron Bagley footage before but thanks god we found it totally by chance next to a cool Jordan Hetrick video from back in the days when CustomX silver slicks were the sickest thing to have. Anyway: watch that video of Paul Roach (with Aaron Bagley at the end) – – Best style in the biz! How cool were those Outcast wetsuits also ?

Also here’s another good one from Roach (an older one) with Toobs Dagger boards and green Aleeda Suits. Oh yeah! –

And also watch that cool clip from Jordan Hetrick with his silver slicks: – Sick prone style!

Damian King’s podcast

Damian King has a new Joker podcast with Turbo Bodyboards! Episode 1 is now available here and it’s pretty good and fun to watch.

Official press release:
The reinvention of Damian King – In this profile the double world champ explains why he’s moving his daughter’s birthday, now making finals at will and an administration role’s not for him.

A year ago Damian King’s stocks had plummeted like the rest of the world’s wealth. A late-career form slump combined with a dearth of footage from Port Macquarie could’ve spelt the end of the King’s career. It’s taken a year for the Earth to right itself and once again he is the leading Australian on the World Tour, making finals at will and with a new Joker podcast proving that timeless style will never grow old. In this profile he discusses the reasons behind the reinvention.

Spencer Skipper video clip

A cool Spencer Skipper video clip can be found here on Vimeo: Sick moves, insane style! Yeah Skipper! We wanna see more! now live!

Pierre-Louis Costes a.k.a PLC released his own website earlier today after a few months of work in collaboration with us ( for the tech part of things (a bit of html coding, some technical tweaking and web designs). Check it out here: and make sure you bookmark it coz PLC has some vids, pics and stories for you all year long and some quality stuff for sure.

Pierre-Louis is also starting his own podcast this year and the teaser for Episode 1 will simply blow your mind. Have a look here: Can’t wait to see the Episodes!

Yeah Pierre!

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