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We’re now stocking the LAUNCH DVD by Andrew Kaineder

We’re now stocking the LAUNCH DVD by Andrew Kaineder ! From the Launch crew: After 100,000 views online, we decided to turn the Launch ‘Bodyboarding Podcast’ Series into a short DVD. Completely re-edited, with additional footage from the Phillipines and Hawaii.

The case, is an exclusive 14 page booklet with photo’s from top photographers: Ian Osterloh, Ray Collins, Jeremy Creswell, Luke Shadbolt, Nick Bannehr and Mark Thompson

Teaser is here:

Buy it now from the Spongercity Store here if you wish:

We ship worldwide ! Shipping cost is super cheap for a DVD.

The Viking DVD available on the Spongercity Store

Just a quick one: THE VIKING DVD is now in stock on the Spongercity Store and ready to ship! Check the Spongercity Store here for more info. We ship worldwide and it’s cheap (between 1.50 and 2 euros for shipping). Great DVD ! A must have !

Back by popular demand (well… re-stocked)

We re-printed (actually re-sreen-printed) some more Spongercity classic logo tshirts, by popular demand. Just the website logo on the chest, classy and stylish. They’re still available in Red, Lime, Aqua or Lemon colors, they’re sreen-printed in the USA on American Apparel 2001Model tshirts and they’re as good as it gets. We ship them worlwide and they’ve successfully been flying to Brazil, Spain, Portugal, France, the US, OZ and Reunion Island so far ! Yewwww

Get them here while they’re available (stock is automatically updated on the store) –

The Spongercity Store’s latest offer: Free Fins Tethers for all orders over 100 euros!

Here’s another cool deal for all the Spongercity Store customers: Spend 100+ euros in the store and get a FREE pair of Spongercity Deluxe Fins Tethers!

This means that all orders over 100 euros get the FREE pair of fins tethers + the FREE Churchill fins bag! That’s right, you ‘ve got the bag + The pair of tethers because we give a free bag for all orders over 50 euros! Winner deal! Two FREE accessories!

This is the second cool deal we’ve put in place. Let us remind you that all orders above 50 euros get a FREE vintage Churchill Fins bag!

Check out the Store here if you haven’t yet. We’ve tried to gather heaps of cool little hard to find or useful accessories on the Spongercity Store. More than just a media/news website, we now have a cool little store in place! Yewwwww

A cool offer on the Spongercity Store to celebrate the new design of the store

We’ve set up a cool offer on the Spongercity Store to celebrate the new design of the store and all the new stuff we got in there: Any order above 50 euros (65 USD at the moment and about 70 AUD) will receive a FREE Churchill vintage fins bag ! Check the bag here. Cool old school bag, a classy must have at the beach! Yewwww. So basically all orders above 50 euros get the free bag. The offer lasts as long as we have the bags in stock. We’ll let you know if we run out of these. Enjoy!

Yes, we ship worldwide. Yes everything you can order is in stock for real (if not, you won’t be able to order). Yes you can pay with all credit cards or any paypal account. Yes we speak english, french and spanish. Yes we answer all questions and emails.

The Spongercity Store: Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger

Although we are a bodyboarding media website (we’ve been on the beautiful world wide web since 2004 of something…) specialized in delivering fresh news, reviews, tests and interviews we felt that there was one last thing we should offer: cool accessories for bodyboarders! We’ve recently added heaps of products to the Spongercity Store, tons of cool little accessories that are useful for bodyboarders such as suncreen, leashes, anti-rash gel, spongerez and tons of other stuff. Check it out by yourself. We’re even selling DVDs and travel guides now!

We ship worldwide, accept all credit cards and also paypal.
We’re available everyday by email if you have any questions.
We speak english, on parle français, y hablamos espanol tambien!
We ship all orders on the same day the order is placed or the day after and everything we offer on the shop is in stock.
The stock is updated after each order and we always know what’s in stock. We don’t sell products we don’t have in stock.
All prices are in Euros but you can pay with any currency it doesn’t matter.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding anything on the Spongercity Store.

We hope you’ll like the design and the simplicity of the store, everything we sell is on the main page, you can’t get lost ! We’ve tried to find some cool products / hard to find stuff and we hope you’ll be stoked on the choice!

RING OF FIRE II DVD now available on the Spongercity Store

We started selling some of the latest coolest DVDs that are available today on the Spongercity Store (we thought it’d be cool since we do all those DVD reviews anyway) and we just received a limited amount of the new DVD by Rob Isambert: RING OF FIRE II

A great DVD from California with sick riding and waves from all around the world in it. A must have and a rare title hailing from the US of A !

Check it out here on the store if you want one. We’re shipping all around the world and we ship the DVDs in a nice padded enveloppe the day of the order or the next day (depending on the time you ordered). We don’t ship on Sundays.

We’ve also stocked a small amount of RING OF FIRE I dvds for those you missed them. We’ll sell RING OF FIRE I and II as a pack in the next few days if some of you want both DVDs with a good deal.

The Spongercity Store

We’re back in black!

We’re Back in Black ! Yep, we just launched another Limited Edition of the Spongercity Biceps Leashes ! Back in Black! The new Limited Edition is 100% black: The strap, the neoprene, the urethane coil, the platic ends on it… absolutely black! Only the famous Spongercity woven label stays red and the threads are red too. Classy!

Check this new Limited Edition here on the Spongercity Store:

The previous semi-black Limited Edition (all black with a white strap) is now sold out! So we took it off the online store. The all-white Limited Edition is still available but we’ve got very few left. Check this White LTD leash here if you never checked it before:

All black or all white ? You decide. Oh yeah if you digg colors we always carry the Reds, Greys and Blue ones of course. Those are permament products on our store.

New Spongercity Limited Edition all black and all white leashes and new tees

That’s right, we just added some new Limited Edition leashes to our range of accessories: All Black LTD leash and all white LTD leash. They’re pretty much the same ones as the colored leashes we released earlier this year but this time the whole urethane and urethane ends are either fully black or fully white. CLASSSSSY ! It’s a trully Limited Edition thing since we only made a very little amount of these. The shipping is still FREE wherever you are. Leashes are 44.99 USD including the free shipping anywhere you are. 44.99 USD equals 30 Euros today and about 48.5 AUD… When you buy a leash the price includes the shipping, you dont pay for anything else.

Also new in the Spongercity range are the colored logo tshirts: We added AQUA, LIME and LEMON colors to the classic RED tees we make. They all made with first class AmericanApparel© tshirts and we’ve kept the price as low as it gets: 19.99 US Dollars. Right now 19.99 USD is about 13.5 euros which is dirty cheap and it’s about 21.5 AUD which is also dirty cheap for aussie people. We accept all currencies on the Spongercity Store even though the prices are in US dollars. Creditcards or Paypal, whatever suits you. Let us know if you have any question. We hope you digg the new colors !

New horrifying Spongercity caps available on the store

We couldnt resist it and felt like we needed to make this cap. It looked too good not to be made! Yeah we know it looks freakin’… well… freakin’ cheesy or whatever but it looks damn cool to us!

We made a very very limited edition of these and will probably not make them again considering how bad the sales will be for these but we hope you like them!

Yes captain! Let’s go boogie!

Check them here on the Spongercity store or visit the whole store for more styles.

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