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New website for photographer Russell Quinn

Check out Russell Quinn’s new website:

Win a BORN TO BOOGIE book with Spongercity and Orca Publications

Here’s your chance to win a signed by Mike Stewart BORN TO BOOGIE hard cover coffee table book with and Orca Publications! Thanks Orca for hooking us up with the book and this giveaway!

Wherever you find waves that are too heavy for even the most hardcore of surfers, there you’ll find the boogers – screaming into dredging pits and scoring impossibly deep barrels. Born to Boogie: Legends of Bodyboarding is the first illustrated history of the sport and traces its evolution from 1971 to the present day. The pioneers, the champions and the underground chargers are all profiled, among them Tom Morey, Pat Caldwell, Ben Severson, Jay Reale, Mike Stewart, Michael ‘Eppo’ Eppelstun, Guilherme Tamega, Andre Botha, Ryan Hardy, Damian King, Ben Player, Jeff Hubbard, Mitch Rawlins and Pierre Louis Costes. Written by respected bodyboard journalist Owen Pye, Born to Boogie tells the tale of how the sport was created, how it developed, flourished, faltered and fought back to become one of the most exciting extreme sports in the world today. Filled with incredible stories spanning four decades and packed with iconic images, Born to Boogie is a must-have book for any bodyboarder.

It’s easy to participate. We have one book to giveaway, the winner will be randomly chosen among all the people who will answer the following question correctly:

Q: When Tom Morey developed the modern bodyboard in 1971, he originally wanted to name his prototype The SNAKE (which stood for ‘Side, Navel, Arm, Knee, Elbow’ – the parts of the body you used to ride it). True or False?

You can answer here in the comments below or you can answer on Facebook. You can also email us with your answer if you want or if you don’t have facebook and didn’t manage to answer below in the comments. We will randomly pick up a winner from the people who answered correctly among the correct answers on our website / facebook / email answers. Only 1 winner wins the book. We’ll send the winner the book in a padded package by post mail.

The winner will be announced on the 28th of February 2014 and we’ll send the book to the winner the next day.



Spongercity Teahupoo gallery

Flickr has updated their interface and it’s way more eye-pleasing than before, to celebrate this we’ve uploaded a new gallery with 16 sick shots we took last week during that massive swell in Tahiti! There’s no bodyboarders on those pics we shot (although some spongers did charge chopes in the morning, and we’re sure some photographers have shots) but it’s still cool to check them out. Being there in the channel was an insane experience!


PRIDE x Riptide Roadtrip

A cool roadtrip with the Pride team on Riptide Mag: – Cool pics and fun interviews to read.

New FLIPMODE Summer Range is out

Just got the new from our good friends at FLIPMODE Clothing – The new FLIPMODE Summer Range is out in Australia –

Cori from FLIPMODE – Our new range is out now & by the time you read this, will be available or on its way to your local boog shop. Our clothing is evolving thanks to your feedback & your support. Summer is about festivals, fun surf & hanging out with your mates which is why we named it “The GOOD Life”! There’s something for everyone in this collection so what are you waiting for?

Also make sure you check the JK x FLIPMODE collab tee here: – JK is a great photographer and one of our best friends. Check JK’s photos here on his website, we recently worked with JK and put a cool site up for him to show the world his work. Worth a look, we tell ya !

Check the whole range out here:

Photographer Ricardo Amaral

Got an email from Portuguese photographer Ricardo Amaral saying that his website is online. There are currently 40 new pics from this personal archive. Azores, Portugal, Canary Islands and France pics so far. Lots of nice ones. CHeck it out here:

Look what we found in the mail box!

We found Mitch Rawlins’ FOUND BOARDS Lookbook and it’s freakin’ good ! Worth every penny, sick shots and nice read ! The t-shirt looks sick too !

Check Mitch’s Lookbook here if you haven’t yet and order it if you can, it’s a good investment, we’re telling you:

Thom Robinson and James Kates new website

Thom Robinson and James Kates have been working on a new website/project. It’s called and it’s got a cool teaser to watch here as well. The site is brand new and has a blog, pics and vids. Stay tuned for more and make sure you watch the clip Thom dropped on the main HOME news page.

Glenn Taylor interview, shaping video, and pictures

Glenn Taylor Interview – “In the shaping bay” with Glenn Taylor

We spent a couple days in Port Macquarie, Australia while tripping on the east coast (of OZ) a few months ago and got the opportunity to stay two days with Glenn Taylor, headshaper at TURBO SURF DESIGNS. Glenn took us to the TURBO factory for those 2 days and we had the great opportunity to stay at the factory all day and film Glenn when he shaped us a board and shoot pictures of everything we wanted to shoot. Even got to help Glenn a little with laminating and stuff. Pretty cool days at the factory.

The result is this 12 minutes documentary on how to shape a board as well as a massive amount of pictures taken while Glenn was shaping our board and a bunch of other boards. We filmed the whole process (it takes about 3+ hours to shape a custom board, depending on the options you’ve chosen) but only kept 12 minutes of footage, edited into 30 steps to have the board build. It would have been too long to watch 3 hours on video hey!

If you don’t know how a board is shaped you definitely wanna watch this ! If you wish to download the documentary feel free to subscribe to our podcast (it’s free on iTunes), we have uploaded the 12 minutes clip on it last night ! If you’re already a subscriber, then just refresh the iTunes podcast page on your computer.

The last thing we did once we had gathered all the footage and pictures was to interview Glenn. Glenn shapes the TURBO custom boards in Port Macquarie, Aus. pretty much everyday of the week and all the boards are shaped by hand as you will see on the video. We asked him how he started and what it’s like to be headshaper for Turbo, how he started Turbo with his bro and what his next projects are.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO CLIP – Watch the video “In the shaping bay with Glenn Taylor”
EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS – Launch the photo slideshow from “A day at the Turbo factory with Glenn Taylor”

Read the interview here.

New UNITE website, DLUX sale and FUTURE TRADING Results

UNITE just launched their new website for 2009 and dropped us a line: “New website coming soon, yeah right! Okay, we admit it, our new website took a while longer to launch than we had expected. Who can blame us though? It is Summer after all and there are a million and one more fun things to do right now than slave away in the heat in front of a computer.

All excuses aside, we’re stoked to finally have the new site online for your viewing pleasure. Take a look around – you’ll find a comprehensive guide to our new Summer 2008 Product range and a Dealer Locator so that you can track down your local Authorised Unite Dealer. Plus, there’s information about our 2009 Bodyboard Team as well as everything you need to know about the Company and more.

But that’s not all. Along with regular news updates from Unite HQ, we will also be adding Team profiles and interviews, Podcasts, and much more in the near future. Also, our Summer 2008 range is available now at all Authorised Unite Dealers across Australia. Check it out in store or download the Summer 2008 Catalogue here.

The entire Unite Bodyboard Team will be on The Rock throughout February for the Hawaiian late season and first stop on the 2009 IBA World Tour, the Turbo Pipeline Pro. Stay tuned to for all the breaking news, session reports, and hijinks directly from the North Shore.

Thank you for your patience and continued support, all the best for 2009!”

Other than that Phil Gallagher has a DLUX sale going on here. “Only 200 copies left and well its time to move them so i can start on the next project ASAP. I have reduced the price to a cool $50 bucks +shipping. As a kicker i will sign everyone of those books by my own little cripple hand. Act fast while the books are still in stock”.

MOVEMENT Mag has announced the winners of the Future Trading project thing:

1-CHARLIE WARD, TAS – 15,247
2-LIAM TOMKINS, NSW – 13,785
4-ALEX HALSEY, WA – 12,252

6-CHASE O’LEARY, NSW – 7,765

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