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March 2022 – For many many years we have covered the international Bodyboarding scene (as an independent online media) for free, with no ressource but our own and just a little bit of money from the few brands and shops advertising on the website (thanks to all that participated!). We updated the website on a daily basis with daily news posts, reviews, tests, interviews, exclusive content and more for 15+ years, supporting the boogie industry, its brands and riders since the early 2000’s, trying to bring you the best of what we could provide and do for the sport. We loved it and met hundreds of riders and friends along the way, all around the globe.

However, these days social media platforms have taken a huge part of people’s online habits and most news, videos and interviews all happen on these different social platforms. We do not condemn this but this has sort of slowed down our news feed because everything is instantly available online for the people to read and watch out there on social media, therefore reducing the interest of the boogieboarders for online websites like This marks a turn in people’s online habits: the way they consume, enjoy, get entertained and gather the information they are looking for – they go straight to social media and have neglected independent websites, online magazines and even paper magazines.

By lack of time mainly and also because there is definitely less stuff to cover and talk about (less contests, less industry news, less pro riders, less money in the sport, less things happening…) we decided to only feed news and stories on our Facebook page for the moment, leaving the Media on “stand-by” while waiting to see what’s up. We dont stop it or neglect it, we are still around, we still care, we are still available to reach via email and stuff, but we just wanted to let you know that we are currently not adding news posts and interviews or reviews on because we feel like it’s all already out there on social media – Maybe one day when people are fed up with these platforms they will get back to independent media websites and news feeds, which we think were providing better quality, better visual design and good content for free, with extra flare and love for the sport. We’ll see how it goes and we’ll see ya in the water anyways! Yewwww

The Shark Island Challenge 2013 Recap

The Shark Island Challenge 2013 (Cronulla, NSW, Australia) took place a couple days ago in good conditions. Riptide Mag has the full recap here:


Results are as follows:

1st – Josh “Blacky” Kaihe (87.5 points)
2nd – Ben Player (85.3)
3rd – Andrew Lester (83.8)
4th – Ryan Hardy (81.9)
5th – Nick Ormerod (81.8)
6th – Alex Leon (76.8)
7th – Dave Winchester (75.0)
8th – Dallas Singer (61.3)


Amaury Lavernhe has just won the NSW SOUTH COAST MOBILE CHALLENGE 2013. Congrats Amaury! Jones Russell ends up 2nd and Jake Stone 3rd, Alex Uranga 4th. Jake Stone landed a reverse 720 sources said! Can’t wait to watch the highlights!

FIRST – 8.88 + 7.9 = 16.78

SECOND – 7.08 + 6.23 = 13.31

THIRD – 6.6 + 6.25 = 12.85

FOURTH – 4.9 + 4.5 = 9.4


It just started!

Peep the trailer here and wait for more action!

LeBoogie Issue 11 available in a couple days

That’s right, new LeBoogie Mag, Issue 11, one mag = two covers (Mitch Rawlins vs. Cade Sharp). yewwww can’t wait ! Watch the teaser:

LE BOOGIE 11 – AVAILABLE AUGUST 15TH from Le Boogie Magazine on Vimeo.

Monday vids dopeness

A Week of Winter – Oz South Coast –
MIA Podcast Ep III – Joey Orme –
Liam Glass – June –
Bosley McGee –

Shark Island Challenge videos

A couple cool video recaps of the Island Challenge:

Shark Island Challenge 2012 –

All The Drunken Losers (LeBoogie Mag) – Shark Island 2012 –

Team Soyroll Australia – James Kates, Ivan Pulic, Wade Masters

Team Soyroll™ Australia, new video clip edited by Stoke Machine – James Kates, Ivan Pulic, Wade Masters

Soyroll – James Kates, Wade Masters and Ivan Pulic from STOKE MACHINE on Vimeo.

Soyroll™ products are available at selected retailers, online on the Soyroll™ Store, and soon in Australia + the USA. Already available in Europe (France, Portugal, UK, Ireland, Spain).


HARVEST – Dallas Singer

Sick edit !

Harvest from dallas singer on Vimeo.

Ivan loves Pipe

Ivan Pulic, Aussie Pipe, style, precision, fun, talent, i am none, HB, z i o n, Soyroll – fuck yeah !

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