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March 2022 – For many many years we have covered the international Bodyboarding scene (as an independent online media) for free, with no ressource but our own and just a little bit of money from the few brands and shops advertising on the website (thanks to all that participated!). We updated the website on a daily basis with daily news posts, reviews, tests, interviews, exclusive content and more for 15+ years, supporting the boogie industry, its brands and riders since the early 2000’s, trying to bring you the best of what we could provide and do for the sport. We loved it and met hundreds of riders and friends along the way, all around the globe.

However, these days social media platforms have taken a huge part of people’s online habits and most news, videos and interviews all happen on these different social platforms. We do not condemn this but this has sort of slowed down our news feed because everything is instantly available online for the people to read and watch out there on social media, therefore reducing the interest of the boogieboarders for online websites like This marks a turn in people’s online habits: the way they consume, enjoy, get entertained and gather the information they are looking for – they go straight to social media and have neglected independent websites, online magazines and even paper magazines.

By lack of time mainly and also because there is definitely less stuff to cover and talk about (less contests, less industry news, less pro riders, less money in the sport, less things happening…) we decided to only feed news and stories on our Facebook page for the moment, leaving the Media on “stand-by” while waiting to see what’s up. We dont stop it or neglect it, we are still around, we still care, we are still available to reach via email and stuff, but we just wanted to let you know that we are currently not adding news posts and interviews or reviews on because we feel like it’s all already out there on social media – Maybe one day when people are fed up with these platforms they will get back to independent media websites and news feeds, which we think were providing better quality, better visual design and good content for free, with extra flare and love for the sport. We’ll see how it goes and we’ll see ya in the water anyways! Yewwww

Buy that freakin’ shirt now!

Go support bodyboarding and the IBA and make it happen, buy a SALVEMOS PUERTO t-shirt now !

It’s easy, go there, buy a t-shirt and this way the Puerto Escondido event will happen and the city of Puerto will benefit from the event as well:

We just bought a t-shirt. Paypal or Credit Cards allowed, don’t hesitate, go get one!

So far 168 persons worldwide purchased some merchandise for the campaign and currently the IBA has raised just over $8,000 – they need $100,000 to make it happen. How come only 168 bodyboarders bought a t-shirt ?! WTF ?! Come on !!! They have 3000 tees to sell !!!

RING OF FIRE III – Movie and Premiere

RING OF FIRE III by Rob Isambert, the movie will be out soon and is premiering in Cali on Saturday, July 14th at the San Clemente Community Center – selling tickets from 7:00 to 8:30pm right across the street from the Community Center (Look for banners) – There is no alcohol allowed at this venue but If you want to come early and pre game there are some bars just up the street. Party afterwards in San Clemente.

There will be tons of giveaways and raffles and all round good times. The community center can fit 500 people so help spread the word to come see a cool film with lots of Cali footage and riders.

For tickets: 255 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente CA 92672 (Community Center will be right there on the corner of Del Mar and Calle Seville)

More info here:

Movie trailer:

IBA World Tour – Itacoatiara Pro – Day1 – Trials

The 4th stop on the IBA Tour 2012 just got started with DAY 1 yesterday (trials). You can watch the action here:
and follow the rest of the event, vids, etc. on the ! Stay tuned !

The 2012 ARICA Challenge about to start

Arica, Chile – Thursday May 17, 2012 – Today’s Press Conference officially kicked off the 2012 IBA Stealth Arica Chilean Challenge, hosting the largest field of competitors ever to compete in the trials of an IBA GSS event. With over 100 riders in the trials draw, event organisers have set aside four days to complete the trials and decide the top six riders who will secure their slot in the 32 man GSS event. The strong Chilean contingent along side other South American riders from Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela will be standing their ground against Hawaiians, Australians, French, Basque, Portuguese, South Africans and riders from as far as Morocco and Reunion. Event organizers are expecting to start competition at 7:30 am. With a flurry of big swells expected throughout the waiting the 2012 IBA Stealth Arica Chilean Challenge presented by BSC is bound to be action packed.

Follow the event, news & official releases on the IBA site:

As usual we’ll be giving a couple updates as the event goes on but it’s always best to follow the event LIVE on the IBA site and read all the news & event posts on the IBA site directly.

A few days in Autumn…

A few days in Autumn… with South African and Soyroll™ Accessories team rider Greg Vorster: Inspiring vid ! How cold would you go to get waves ? Canada is where Greg lives at the moment and he’s been scoring some empty lineups. Only bears can eventually claim they’re locals.

Travelled from the Southern to Northern tips of Vancouver Island (Canada). The weather is great this time of year and the water temps still relatively warm.

Filmed by Emilie Ouellette
Riders : Greg Vorster and Vijay Maharaj

Song by : GOLDFISH – The Real Deal

DIVISION 71 Boards now available

DIVISION 71 Boards are now available. Check out the Division 71 line, the complete range of boards are now in stock! For those who don’t know Brian P. and D71, the boards are designed by Brian Peterson in the US of A and made at the Mez Factory in Indo.


Check the links below:

The Boards:

The Blog:

About Brian:

Arica Chilean Challenge is ON

FRIDAY MAY 20 2011, ARICA CHILE: DAY ONE at the Arica Chilean Challenge is off to a cracking start with solid 2 mtr waves at the infamous powerful reef of El Gringo.
The first rounds of the trials saw some outstanding riding from the predominately Chilean contingent in front of a vocal local crowd.
Lucas Isnard (Brazil) and Danton Correa (Chile) were the two standouts of the day with consistent performances.
Joa Gabriel (Brazil) held the best two-wave combo (14.00) whilst the single highest score of the day belonged to Sebastian Siede (Chile) who blasted out of the gates in the first heat to post a solid 8 pointer for a deep tube to roll combo.
In the last heat of the day Kalani Latanzzi (Brazil) showed why he is one of the next big things coming out of South America with great wave selection and style.
The day included countless other highlights as El Gringo showed glimpses of brilliance by pumping out the occasional heaving slab that split in both directions. The forecast for the coming days looks promising with Sunday shaping up for the finish to the trails and a possible start for the main event.
By mid afternoon the “Brisa” or onshore breeze kicked in and organizers decided to postpone the last 4 heats of round 2 till tomorrow.
The town goes into celebratory mode tomorrow with a public holiday so an army of hardcore spectators is expected to roll up. The competitors are asked to check in at 7am for a 7.30 start.
The top 7 riders from these trials join the Top 23 riders in the world and two wildcards in the main event next week.
For regular updates go to the IBA facebook page where you can win World Tour paraphernalia just for joining
All the action from every IBA World Tour event is made available for viewing live via with finals available at

DK Wars in Pismo CA.

FourForFour.1 – The Thirtysomethings – With Willie Richerson, Brett Roldan and Darren DelmoreTo be watched You must watch it here: Pismo is (and has always been) home of some of the best dkers’ in the USA. Solid crew!

DIVISION71 Bodyboards by Brian Peterson

We talked about DIVISION71 Bodyboards a little while ago and now it’s happening: DIVISION71 is releasing a series of 250 boards as a limited edition thing and the boards are looking sweet. DIVISION71 is Brian Peterson’s new brand under the CatchSurf Group (Tom Morey’s company, producing softboards and surfboards as well as Division71 in California).


Designed and made in Area 71™ in San Clemente, California, the Limited Edition is the pinnacle of performance and represents the culmination of master shaper, Brian Peterson’s 25 years of experience.
Each of the 250 Limited Edition models is made in a custom-fashion with Brian overseeing every detail. The Limited Edition was designed using sophisticated CAD software, shaped on our state-of-the-art CNC machine and features D71’s new and patent pending, Charged™ Core Technology (utilizes positive-negative tension to create maximum projection).

Features ARPlank® beaded polypropylene (BPP) core with D71’s dual Projection Flex™ stringer system for maximum rigidity and strength. Also includes nose grips, D71’s unique grip-enhancing textured rail and Brian’s own speed-hull bottom with dual trim-tab crescent tail. All logos are old-school, Mylar stamped as a symbol of the Limited Edition’s “Made in USA” heritage.

Includes a Peterson-signed and numbered collectable Certificate of Authenticity and D71 sticker pack.

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