The 2012 ARICA Challenge about to start

Arica, Chile – Thursday May 17, 2012 – Today’s Press Conference officially kicked off the 2012 IBA Stealth Arica Chilean Challenge, hosting the largest field of competitors ever to compete in the trials of an IBA GSS event. With over 100 riders in the trials draw, event organisers have set aside four days to complete the trials and decide the top six riders who will secure their slot in the 32 man GSS event. The strong Chilean contingent along side other South American riders from Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela will be standing their ground against Hawaiians, Australians, French, Basque, Portuguese, South Africans and riders from as far as Morocco and Reunion. Event organizers are expecting to start competition at 7:30 am. With a flurry of big swells expected throughout the waiting the 2012 IBA Stealth Arica Chilean Challenge presented by BSC is bound to be action packed.

Follow the event, news & official releases on the IBA site:

As usual we’ll be giving a couple updates as the event goes on but it’s always best to follow the event LIVE on the IBA site and read all the news & event posts on the IBA site directly.

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