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The Pipeline Pro is coming – 15th to 25th of Feb. 2011

Sorry for the lack of update, we went on a little trip to the south coast in Oz and didn’t get much time and much chance to find some internet connection anywhere !

The Pipeline Pro is just around the corner now, it’s the first event for the 2011 season on the IBA tour and it’s the most prestigious event for sure.

Below is a little recap of what’s gonna happen, sounds awesome !

International Bodyboard Association Pipeline Pro
Banzai Pipeline, North Shore Oahu, Hawaii

Feb 12th-25th 2011
The revamped 2011 International Bodyboard Association (IBA) World Tour will be unveiled in February when the first Grand Slam gets underway at Pipeline in Hawaii with the IBA Pipeline Pro.

Pipe has long been the holy grail of International bodyboarding and a massive rollup of the world’s best is expected for the event. Like the roots of a family tree, Pipeline sits deep in the heart of Bodyboarding origins. Dating back over 30 years to Tom Morey’s first hand made performance bodyboards, through to today’s elite aerobatics, Pipe has been there and is regarded as the longest running world tour contest in history.

This year the contest will feature a Men’s, Women’s and DK Grand Slam all under the one umbrella. An exhibition Masters event will also be held.

“We have some amazing plans for this years event” said IBA Tour manager Terry McKenna.
The LIVE web-cast will be the most ambitious ever undertaken by IBA with multi-camera angles and replays just some of the features. Manny Vargas will again be the anchor for the web-cast and will also host a new TV documentary series that will follow all GSS events in 2011.

After the success of Fronton the team at Redbull Media House has again backed the event and viewers will be able to watch the action LIVE on  

The action will begin on February 12th with a two-day trial at Sandy beach on the South Shore. This event will allow for unlimited Women and Drop Knee riders and up to 64 Pro men.

From this, the Top 16 Pro men will enter the main event at Pipeline along with the top 3 Women and top 4 Drop-knee.

“These spots will be treasured” said McKenna.
“Just to surf Pipe with only three other riders is most bodyboarders idea of a dream.”

The event wildcards are as follows
Locals -  Kainoa McGee & Jarret Lau
International – Alistar Taylor (SFA), & Jason Finlay (Aust)
Women - Lilly Pollard (Aust), Steph Pettersen (Brz), Claudia Ferrari (Haw)
DK – Mason Rose (Aust), Paul Roach (USA), Matt Lackey (Aust), Nick Trotter (Haw), Kainoa McGee (USA), Cassidy     Sonoda (Haw), Jacob Pembroke (Haw), Bud Miyamoto (Haw)
The event this year will offer both GSS (Grand Slam Series) and GQS (Global Qualifying Series) points to the riders.
In the Men’s division GQS points will start at the trials and carry through to Round 6.

From Round 7 the points will be GSS right up to the final.

Another feature of this year’s IBA Pipeline Pro will be a showcase of the rich history of the event with a special “Masters Final” featuring several former champions. This will see all past winners of the prestigious Pipeline Pro event competing in 2011.

Michael “Eppo” Eppelstun (Aust) Daniel Kaimi (Hawaii) Steve “Bullet” MacKenzie (Aust) & Ben Severson (Haw) will all take to the water in an exhibition that will take place on the last day before the Men’s final.

The event check-in will be on Friday 11th February in the Ehukai Beach Park and the trials will be held the following morning on the South side at Sandy Beach.

This year we have a corporate partnership with Aqua Hotels and Resorts and they have some great accommodation available on the South Shore for the trials and after party.

Bodyboarding in Canada with Greg Vorster

Bodyboarding in Canada with Greg Vorster –

Seems cold but the waves are good and Greg rips ! Super cool video !

Liquide Podcast – from Brazil from style!

We got an email from Andre at sending us a cool video/link to share here on the Spongercity news: – Filmed at São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro, this short video features Turbo riders Damian King, Jared Houston, Lilly Pollard and local Leonardo Leite.

Surge Bodyboarding – Online Mag Issue 1.0

Surge Bodyboarding is releasing its first issue -Surge 1.0 – of an online bodyboard magazine this July. Stay tuned for that release, it’s gonna be good and the cover itself is perfect (click the link to preview the cover). There’ll be a Mike Stewart interview inside that’ll definitely be worth a read!

“We have a heavy hitting crew of photographers bringing the best of American and international bodyboarding. We also have a handful of features covering action (on the knee and prone, underground to professional) from Hawaii to the East Coast and Puerto Rico. So get ready for the Surge!”

Peru Inka Challenge – PLC on top !

Yeah Pierre ! Pierre Louis Costes nails it and finishes first in a french final against Amaury Lavernhe. Congrats guys ! and congrats Pierre !

Don’t miss the video here with the final day of the event and PLC’s monster backflip. The biggest we’ve seen on video and probably the biggest ever completed since Tom Morey started boogieboarding decades ago…

PLC and Amaury are the best watermen France has ever had, that’s for sure, whatever the water/wave sport is. No one freesurfs and competes in France at this level whether it is on a boogieboard, surf, SUP, kite… whatever water/wave sports you mention.

Peru Inka Challenge results are as follows
1st Pierre Louis Costes France 1st 1000 points
2nd Amaury Lavernhe Reunion 2nd 860 points
3rd Jared Houston Sth Africa 3rd 730 points
3rd Jeff Hubbard Hawaii 3rd 730 points

The Peru Inka Challenge (26th to 30th of May 2010)

The tour is now in Peru. The PERU INKA CHALLENGE is the 5th stop on the tour and should certainly be an interesting one to watch & follow ! We’ll keep you updated as it goes.

Winny wins the Arica Challenge

Winny won the Arica Challenge yesterday in good solid waves and nailed a 9.75 and a 10 in his heat to beat french hell man Amaury Lavernhe. Congrats Winny !

The contest was once again a great one to watch and the level of the riders was unbelievable. Ben Player, Winny, Hubb, Plc, Amaury… everyone shredding the El Gringo reef harder than ever.

You can watch the final day of competition right here:

Arica – IBA Tour – Contest Day 5

Once again the Arica challenge seems to be a total success with super good waves and a crazy bunch of competitors. Check the Day 5 recap on video here: Hubb is a freak. How massive are those 2 manoeuvers ? Freaking huge. Hubb pushing the limits of the sport once again and probably the limits of the human body. How’s that landing in the flats ? 99% of humans would just break appart after such a massive landing heheh. Yeah Hubb!

We’ll keep you updated with more news as the contest goes. Round 6 was just held and now it’s the quarter finals that are coming, here are the riders in the QF:

QF – Heat 1
Amaury Laverhne REU
Ben Player AUS

QF – Heat 2
Uri Valadao BRA
Cristian Fernandez CHL

QF – Heat 3
Jeff Hubbard HAW
Dave Winchester AUS

QF – Heat 4
Pierre Louis Costes FRA
Jake Stone AUS

PLC and Isabella win in Brazil, Chile starts in 2 days…

Quick update on this year’s world tour…

First of all congrats PLC for his first win on a world tour event in Buzios ! Well done Pierre and well deserved ! Congrats Isabella Sousa too for your win ! Read more about the event here.

Now all eyes on the Chile Grand Slam Arica contest which starts on the 14th of May… As usual, check the IBA Tour website for more info.

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