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INTERVIEW done on the 2cd of April 2005 with Jimmy HUTAFF

jimmy hutaff

JIMMY HUTAFF is the IBA Dropknee champ this year but has been killing it for years at home on Maui. He’s one one the most skilled rider on a boogieboard and it was high time he got an interview on
I had the opportunity to do so (interview Jimmy) a few days ago so here you go…Enjoy the JH interview :

1. Hey wassup Jimmy ? Can you introduce yourself please ?
Aloha, my name is Jimmy Hutaff from the island of Maui and I love bodyboarding and Jesus.

2. So how is it to live and surf in Maui ?
Its pretty killer. Maui is a unique place, very special, and the people here love bodyboarding.

3. Who do you surf with on Maui ?
With a lot of guys…Romero brothers, Shea, Kona, Travis, Leroy, Chad, Riley, Photo James, John, Jared, Silent Bob, my wife, son, and the list goes on.

4. How different is it from surfing on the North Shore ?
The vibe…it’s just pure fun not competition. No one’s trying to prove anything. Just all friends out.

5. Do you enjoy surfing the North Shore or is it more like a Job to go there in the winter to get footage and stuff ?
Sometimes I enjoy surfing North Shore. I try not to make it a habbit to go there. I’m kinda more used to a more mellow vibe. I don’t treat bodyboarding as a job…try to keep it more fun.

6. You just got on TC boards, tell us about your new sponsor :
T&C is killer. We have good ideas and experimenting with new templates and designs. It’s pretty cool. T&C has been good to me.

7. We never talk about the riders’ boards in interviews, what kinda board do you like (size materials etc.) ?
I like all kinds of boards. For dropknee, I like a little more narrow board with a lifted nose, 50/50 rails, 8lb, polypro, and double stringer for warm water. And then for prone, I use like an all around prone. A little wider, higher wide point, bat tail, channels, 60/40 rails, polypro and one stringer for warm water.

8. Do u always ride the same shape or try to change stuff on it ? Are you picky with length/flex etc.?
I like to mix things up to experiment. Generally, what I said earlier is what I’m riding.

9. How important do u think the board is for a drop kneer ? coz it’s actually pretty hard to find a good DK board for dropkneers, even when testing custom boards…
DK boards are real important. They don’t have a lot of DK boards out there. The T&C DK board is the best DK board I have ridden so far. Try it out and let me know what you think.

jimmy hutaff

10. What’s the Jimmy Hutaff average day ?
Wake up 5:30, go pray, go surf, come back take care of business, cruz with the family, maybe have an afternoon session if waves permit, come home, do some work, go sleep about 12:00

11. You’re the DK IBA 2005 champ, how good is that ?
It feels good…I’m stoked.

12. You’re also the DK reverse spin master, any tips for the Dkers about mastering the move ?
Lots of practice and just have fun.

13. I guess it was super cool to have the contest at Honolua bay this year for you, can you tell us how it went ? (waves / vibe / people and u winning it) ?
Yeah stoked to have the contest on Maui. The turnout was awesome. Everyone was scepticle at first before they came but once they got here, they changed there minds. The waves were fun. About 6 feet on the sets (hawaiian). Vibe was killer. Everybody was having fun. Lots of unity in the bodyboarding community. The competiton was tough. Everybody was bustin, every heat lots of action. Just feels good to be a part of it. Hopefully we’ll do it again another year.

14. What’s the best bodyboard trip you’ve been on ?
Everyone has been good but the number one would be Fiji, Tavarua.

15. If you had to pick up 5 favorite riders of all time, who would it be ? And 5 Dkers ?
Stewart, Jeff Hubbard, Damien King, Hardy, Skipper. For DK…props go to Jack da rippa for creating it, Aka, Roach, Kainoa, Foster, Dubb.

16. What’s the last surf you had ?
Churches, 4 feet and windy but fun.

17. The last bodyboard movie you watched ?
Operation 7.

18. The last mind-blowing barrel ?
Secret spot.

19. The last time something changed your life ?
Everyday something changes my life.

20. Last thing you’d like to say in this interview ?
Thank you Jesus ! Thank my sponsors… T&C bodyboards, Eternal Riders, Boarders For Christ, Kicks, Alternative Surf Shops. And thank for supporting bodyboarding to the fullest.

jimmy hutaff

Keep shredding the Maui pits.

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