Interview – Brandon Foster – INTERVIEW with BRANDONFOSTER

INTERVIEW done on the 20th of Dec 2005 – 20 Questions with Brandon Foster Brandon Foster Interview

Brandon FOSTER has been travelling the world for a couple years now. We’ve seen him everywhere, from Icy barrels to tropical locations, the Old Dirty Brandon is living the dream. Well, almost, coz’ the ODB ain’t travelling in 1st class seats and ain’t staying at 4**** hotels either. From being an underground South Af’ ripper to getting worldwide coverage and his peers respect (4th place in the DK Riptide Peer poll) there’s a lot of commitment, talent and frequent flyer miles… Enjoy the ODB interview :

1. Hey wassup Brandon ?
MMMM Nothing much bru just chillin gettin amped to surf Waimea Shorey in the next few days.

2.Can you introduce yourself for those who dont know you ?
Well my name is Brandon ‘ODB’ Foster. I am originally from Durban, South Africa but i now live wherever my OWA board bag is. I have traveled all over the world surfing mainly remote areas of this wonderful world God has given us. I am a 98% dropknee rider who prefers bigger waves. I love life and Jesus Christ who allows me to live this wonderful life as a professional bodyboarder.

3. Where are you right now ? what have you been up to ?
Well as i said i am in the Second Nature house on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Just finishing up my year of travel. I have been down in Mexico filming for the new Second Nature Film. Then i was over in New York doing the tourist thing with David Hubbard and Chuck Guarino, while also competing in the Ricky Miller Contest in North Caroline.

4. You just got 4th in the Riptide peer poll, how’s that dude ? congrats’
Well thanks definitely one of the pinacle events in my bodyboarding career. It feels great that my peers think that of me and makes me real proud that all my hard work is paying of

5. You’ve been travelling a lot and it seems that you’ve become famous for that, where have you been so far ?
HAHAHAHA well that could take all day but let me just full you in on my year: Oahu, Maui, California, Baja Mexico, England, Iceland, South Africa, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Rarotonga, Tahiti, Puerto Escondido, New York, North Caroline. Yeah its been a good year.

6. What was the best destination among all your trips ? The best wave you’ve surfed ?
Well outa everywhere i would say Iceland was top of my pops. Its got sick waves, incredible terrain and scenery, nicest people and some beautiful ladies ha. The best wave ever surfed would be a secret wedge in Australia.

7. You got a lot more coverage the last couple years and you’re now considered as one of the main guys on the knee. Was it hard to prove everyone you were as good as them if not better ? Did it come naturally, after a few trips and a lot of time spent in Hawaii ?
Well i never was really competing for the number one spot or any real spot among the top guys. Just kinda happened really. I just wanted to get as much coverage to try make it as a pro so that i could get paid to travel and see the world and as it happened along the way i managed to break into the top ranks of the world dropknee pool. So no complaints, i still cant believe a small fry from North Beach, Far Bowl, in South Africa could get paid to see the world and bodyboard some of the best waves God has given us.. I thank God every day for that.

8. You got really nice waves in ABC, how was that trip ? You just met the guys for the “Middle Earth” section of the video did you ? Tell us about the waves & the experience.
Well the idea was great i love guys who are thinkers and explore as this crew was. I have a lotta respect for Mickey Smith and we are good mates so i love traveling with him. The other riders, Brendo, Crashy and Dixon all rip too and pushed my DK to other levels. Love that. So yeah we scored sick waves and i will return to middle earth. If you can figure out where it is, go, its sweet.. one of my favourite trips ever. yeahhhhhhhhhhh A BLANK CANVAS

9. You surfed in Iceland too, did you ? I guess that was a cool experience as well.
As i was saying best ever bru, cold as hell but soooooooooo sick. I mean i loved it. I cant explain you will have to go to experience what its like to get shacked with huge glasiers in the background and pufins swimming round you. aaaaah i gotta go back. So much to do sooo little time. All i can say is get of your asses readers turn the computer off and get out there.

10. You live in SoCal. when you’re not on a plane or somewhere on the planet looking for waves but you’re from South Africa. You grew up in SA ? Where about ? Did you start surfing there ?
Well yeah i stay in california for part of the year but its only about 2 weeks at a time and about 2 months in total a year. Yeah i grew up in Durban, South Africa still live there 2 months of the year. Waves are sick there and its one of my favourite places to go hang out. I started surfing when i was about 0 my dad was a surfer so he got me on a board when i was not even 1 y.o. yet. I surfed from young but fell in love with bodyboarding and now i do it for a living… finished story ha.

11. Why did you choose to DK ?
As i was saying i used to surf so when i bodyboarded i loved doing dropknee cause i got the same feeling as surfing but i could still prone too thats what i loved about bodyboarding. I changed to almost full dropknee outta the challenge i feel dropknee brings to me i mean its sooooooooo hard to dropknee its nuts i love it, just getting up and bottom turning takes incredible timing and balance.

12. What kinda board do you ride ? dimensions ? Shape ? materials/stringers ?
Well i ride a custom x ODB/FOSTER model available at all good websites like the dimensions are 43inch long, nose 9.25inch, 21.25inch wide point and the tail is 18.25inch its made of high density polypropylene core white lightning deck high density surlyn slick bottom v tail. Its a mainly dropknee shape with a little prone ability too. My boards are shaped by John Castro, a incredible shaper, i am soooo happy with him, thanks man.

13. Are you picky with your boards ? do you try different things or do you stick with the same board & shape all the time ?
I am very picky and i have a great shaper who has stuck with me over the years, John Castro of Custom X has helped me get the sickest board and i am sooooo happy.

14. What is Second Nature ?
It is a crew of dropknee guys, Matt Lackey, Mason Rose, David Hubbard, Luke Hall and me who joined up with Ralph Sanchez to make an all dropknee video on the riding, adventures and lives of the top dropkneers from around the world.

15. Favorite guy to watch surf ? Who’s got skills on the knee ?
Wow, i like a lotta people, stand outs are definatly Jeff Hubbard, Raffi Meyer, Roach, Lackey, Mason Rose, Luke Hall and David Hubbard.

16. Do you think anyone will be as good as Roach or Lyman anytime soon ?
Well on their days some of the boys like, lackey, Mason etc.. can rip just as hard but we will have to see those two seem to have been enigmas that came and have been hard to replace.. God gave them sooooo much talent.

17. Who inspires you ?
My Dad and Jesus Christ in life but in the water anyone who is having fun in the surf can get me amped to rip.

18. What are you projects for the future ?
Well i have my range of travel bags coming out from Nuisance called OWA (ODB WORLD ARSENAL) bags. Then we’re also working on the Second Nature Video at the same time doing the Road Warriors Tour in South Africa.. busy year.

19. There are 20 questions in the interview and the next one will be the one where i ask you if you wanna thank anyone etc. but this is question number 19 and it’s an open one. You’re gonna choose the question here. What would you like me to ask in this one?
Mmmmmmmmmmm ha. So Brandon can you give us something cool you just read ?
Sure man i have cool things : (Put your name where the dots are !)

Dear ………….I saw you walking and laughing with your friends today. So i painted you a beautiful sunset and created a cool breeze to bless the end of your day. As you lay in bed that night i used the moon to light your face only to see tears. Tears i wished you would allow me to dry. How i longed for you to call I raised the sun the next morning for you and protected you on your way. I shouted out to you through my crashing waves and pounding water falls and yet you still did not call. How i would love to tell you how much i love you and show you the plans i have for your life. As you walked with your friends again and i re painted the sunset you love so dear, my heart broke. But i will never turn from you or forget you. I will always be there for you. JESUS

20. Any thank you’s ? love you’s ? Fuck you’s ?
Well first off i would like to thank my sponsors who help me sooooooo much thank you so much : , , , , .
Then i would like to thank Jesus Christ my saviour for giving me freedom from this worlds rule to live the life he created me to live.

THANX A LOT BRU – Brandon Foster Interview Brandon Foster Interview

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