Interview – Dave Winchester

SPONGERCITY INTERVIEW Dave”WINNY”WINCHESTER – INTERVIEW done in May 2006 – Last Words Dave Winchester Interview

Dave Winchester has been rippin’ for years now, getting insane coverage in about every video and magazine coming out these days and it was high time we interviewed the phenomenon. Like his buddy Ben Player, Winny opted for the LAST WORD kind of interview, keeping the questions and the answers more fresh and spontaneous. So here we go, here’s what’s going on in Winny’s life on May 06 :

1. Last surf you had : At the box 2 days ago, about 4 foot
2. Last mind-blowing barrel : North point 3 days ago, got one good one.
3. Last board you loved : The board im on now, still loving him.
4. Last trip you went on : To west aus yesterday
5. Last bodyboard movie : You watched :D ennis
6. Last rider who blew your mind : Rawlins
7. Last time you got dropped in on : 3 days ago at north
8. Last time you were scared : Last night when simon ormerod told me a ghost story
9. Last thing you bought yourself : A boat
10. Last car you rode in : My little hyundai excel
11. Last time you got lucky : Not betting on the mundine/green fight, i was all for green but mundine won
12. Last injury you had : A hangover
13. Last song you loved : Nasty girl by biggy
14. Last thing that made you cuss out loud : My boat motor not starting
15. Last punch you threw : At guy trying to hook up with my girlfriend
16. Last time something changed your life : Hawaii
17. Last video part you were stoked on : Tension 9
18. Last time you stand up surfed : A week ago
19. Last thing you broke : My toe
20. Last time you took a picture : Yesterday of a toy
21. Last book you read : David Beckham
22. Last website you visited : Qantas
23. Last magazine you read : Fishing world
24. Last time you lied : To Ben Player the other day about a girl’s name ha ha
25. Last girl you kissed : Girlfriend amiee
26. Last time you wished you were alone : This morning
27. Last time you wished all your mates were here : Everynight when enjoying a beer
28. Last time you thought you were gonna die : Hawaii
29. Last time you felt inspired : Everyday something new
30. Last time you said « it’s the last time » : 2 weeks ends ago, massive night drinking…

Thanx a lot Winny – TC at Dave Winchester Interview

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