Board Test – NMD PLAYER 41.5 PP

NMD PLAYER – POLYPROCORE – Crescent Tail – One Stringer – Size 41,5 – About 368 AUS. Dollars in Oz – 260 Euros in Europe

NMD Player Photo Dimensions : 41,5 x 11,75 x 21,25 @ 18 x 17 3/8

NMD boards are made by Mez and his team in Java with some of the best materials you can find, a hi-tech CNC machine and buzz lamainator technology. The PP core and PE deck & rails are the perfect combo for a reactive and fast board in cool to warm water and smaller waves.

The shape of the Player was perfect for bigger waves and i enjoyed how easy it was to control the board in bigger waves. In smaller waves the board lacked of speed and i guess the shape was more oriented for bigger waves and hollow pits control. Easy to release the rails, easy to spin, easy to get used to it since it’s quite a basic shape. I even tried to DK with it and it wasnt too bad if you place your knee in the right place.

The board was slightly too small for me, i need a longer board to get more speed but i guess all guys under 5′10″ (1,77m) will love the board. Perfect thickness, super nice construction and long-lasting board.

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