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SPONGERCITY INTERVIEW with Glen”PENCE”THURSTON – INTERVIEW done by Dave L. in Dec 2006 – 30 Last Words Glen Thurston Interview

With the recent release of their new “the ROAD” DVD, Glen and his buddies Michael Novy, Brendon Newton, Harry Dixon, Grizzla, Ryan Mattic and Adam Benwell got themselves a ticket to stardom. Some were more considered as rookies whereas others were already well-known by the media. After watching “the ROAD” (filmed by Glen’s older Brother Bryce Thurston) you’ll understand that none of those young fellas are ‘rookies’ anymore. They all put their lifes on the line to score some of the best waves & slabs Oz has to offer and it seems that they all came back from “the ROAD” experience stronger and more talented than ever. Glen’s section in “the ROAD” is a proof of how good and driven those guys are. We wanted to know more about Glen, one of “the ROAD” project originators and actors and thanx to my buddy Dave who helped interviewing Glen while i did the illustration & coding part of the interview, this is just what we came up with:

1. Last surf you had : Just surfed suck rock in cronulla, sideshore 4ft, whish i was at home
2. Last mind-blowing barrel : When i was in South Australia at a certain spot…….. on the road dvd.
3. Last board you loved : My current board is my sexy beast at the moment. awesome shape.
4. Last trip you went on : The road project
5. Last bodyboard movie you watched : Denis
6. Last rider who blew your mind : Chris james
7. Last time you got dropped in on : Last time i was up in sydney hahaha. Lifes a bit hectic around these parts. Tension is normally high in the water.
8. Last time you were scared : Out at a 15ft bombie with just my bro and novy out. had some crazy clean ups. that was before I had christ in my life. since then I havent been scared at all.
9. Last thing you bought yourself : I styled haircut at bondi junction
10. Last car you rode in : My mate turtles ( jem cresswell) lil excel hatchback
11. Last time you got lucky : When i was in perth at the casino after the tension 9 premier.
won quite a few hundred dollars. an paid for my whole trip
12. Last injury you had : Cyclops foot injury. see riptide 153
13. Last song you loved : Kanye west. Jesus walks
14. Last thing that made you cuss out loud : Turtle almost rearending a really expensive car. haha
15. Last punch you threw : Ages ago. had 9 dudes jump me at a party .
Yes i took em all down haha. i used to be into that back then
16. Last time something changed your life : the cyclops injury changed my whole world. that when i became christian
17. Last video part you were stoked on : Video
18. Last time you stand up surfed : 3 days ago fixed up my old mini mal. did some crazy floaters
19. Last thing you broke : I cant remember. IM not a clumsy guy.
20. Last time you took a picture : Probably on the road trip. borrowed Novy’s digy cam to take some shots of the lil guy. haha
21. Last book you read : The calling. (by brother andrew)
22. Last website you visited : Spongercity just then to see what it was like before i filled this out. hahaha
23. Last magazine you read : Riptide 153
24. Last time you lied : cant remember
25. Last girl you kissed : mY mum
26. Last time you wished you were alone : last week. needed some time out after 10 days with the turtle
27. Last time you wished all your mates were here : When im surfing pumping waves by myself. Its always good having a few good mates to surf with
28. Last time you thought you were gonna die : Out at Lunas with chris james ( the grizz) we surfed maxing 12-15ft luna park scary stuff. but God had my back.
29. Last time you felt inspired : last night after reading “The calling” and this morning seeing the ocean
30. Last time you said « it’s the last time » : Our last trip to lunas. driving 13hrs sttraight coping 3 fines and hiting a kangaroo….

Thanx a lot Pence – Dave & TC at Glen Thurston Interview

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