Interview – Ben Player


Ben Player Interview

INTERVIEW done on the 8th of March 2005 – “Last Questions” with Ben Player

BEN PLAYER not only works at Movement Mag but he’s everywhere : he’s in every single Mag and video, he competes on the world tour and makes it to the top 10 if not the top 5 of the RIPTIDE peer poll every year for the past five years (#6 this year). Ben’s surfing is creative and as stylish as it gets, he’s impressive in the water and super cool out of the water. He was probly out of the water and at home in Oz the other day when i asked Ben if he was ok to be interviewed for coz he said yes pretty quickly and answered his emails for a couple days. We got lucky… Anyway, both me and Ben thought that a real interview is kinda boring and lacks of spontaneity and authenticity so we agreed on the ‘Last Words’ interview format (which i must admit i borrowed to TransworldSURF Mag). I sent Ben the 30 or so quick questions and got my answers the next day. That was last week, we cant be more fresh than this on playbord ! So here are Ben’s last words and facts :

Last surf you had : Yesterday at Black Rock. 4 ft and flawless. I surfed for 9 hours.

Last mind-blowing barrel : Backdoor January 05

Last board you loved : The board I have now, Grey top, white pin and red outside rail.

Last trip you went on : A road trip yesterday ; a 4 hour drive each way.

Last bodyboard movie you watched : Raised Heights, Waldren Bros. Video…insane

Last rider who blew your mind : Morgan Brown ; an local aboriginal at Balck Rock yesterday.

Last time you got dropped in on : Yesterday and got a nose of a board in my ribs

Last time you were scared : January 24th at Pipe 12-15 ft and no one out.

Last thing you bought yourself : A coffee this morning…Cappucino

Last car you rode in : My Holden Barina..small and cheap.

Last time you got lucky : A while ago…too long.

Last injury you had : mmmm, popped my shoulder yesterday and am killing today.

Last song you loved : Modest Mouse…that bling bling one.

Last thing that made you cuss out loud : All ways, I swear too much.

Last punch you threw : Ages ago…stupidly.

Last time something changed your life : The other day when I broke up with my girlfriend.

Last video part you were stoked on : Raised Heights

Last time you stand up surfed : 1 year ago.

Last thing you broke : My Apple G4, I fractured the LCD screen.

Last time you took a picture : 1 week ago with one of those LOMO cameras

Last book you read : Da Vinci Code

Last website you visited : Porn over the last couple of days…he he.

Last magazine you read : Movement

Last time you lied : The above question.

Last girl you kissed : Catherine my ex girlfriend

Last time you wished you were alone : After I kissed her goodbye…not.

Last time you wished all your mates were here : Today

Last time you thought you were gonna die : At Teahupoo a couple of years back.

Last time you felt inspired : Every moment I have time to appreciate life

Last time you said « it’s the last time » : The last time I broke up with my girlfriend.

Ben Player Interview


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