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A hard cover coffee table style book, 160 pages, over 200 photographs, about 9,500 words, years of dedication and hard work: here comes DLUX. We never interviewed Phil Gallagher before and although this is a mistake, well, the release of his new book was a really good way to repair the mistake and eventually have a chat with Phil. 15 Q’s with Phil. Some Q’s about his book, and some about his life and job as a professionnal photographer. Meet Phil.

1- Howdy Phil ?
Hello there my cyber friends.

2- Can you introduce yourself for those who might not know who you are ?
My name is Phil Gallagher i am 29 years old and i live in Australia.

3- Your friends call you Toinz, where does this come from ?
Believe it or not your the first interview to ever ask that! Its a long story but it all started when i was around 15 and made some pretty big calls about a looming weather system. There was a weather man called phil Toinby and then people started to call me toinzy. Nothing too amazing just stuck and then its been with me ever since.

4- So you just released your own photography book called DLUX, i went thru all the pages today and i must say i was amazed. It’s probably the first real photography book in the history of bodyboarding. It’s the shiznit, the papa of all photo books i’ve seen. How long did you work on this project ? Was it your idea ? did your friends talked you into putting together a book ?
Firstly Thanks for the praise on the book, I started this project around a year ago and put the thoughts in motion for something to happen i did not really know where it would end up but in the end it became a book. It stemmed from being tired of working with magazines and never really having the final say on how your images where displayed. I wanted to show people a quality collection of images and words on bodyboarding thats all i knew. My friends all have been amazing some with the skills and talents which helped produce this book and other with the total support and praise throughout the project

5- Mate, even the packaging is sick, i’ve kept the box. Are you sure you’ll make money selling these ? The book looks like it should cost twice the price.
The cost of these is very cheap for the customers i know, I did not set out to make a huge amount of money from this more of just getting it out there and enjoying the project. I only wanted to make enough funds to pay me for my time spent on this and thats it. as for the packaging i just love any little extra things you can do to keep it fun.

6- Was the choice hard among all the shots you had ?
It was without a doubt the hardest part of the process, I had so many images which all meant alot to me for different reasons. In the end i tried to make a mix of what i thought people would like to see and what i wanted to make people see, In a way its really putting myself out there for you to look and judge so i wanted it to represent who and what i am.

7- Whats the percentage of digital versus classic film photos ?
50 – 50. nearly all the first section in film and alot of the lifestyle and portrait work is film. All the new action is digital.

8- Your lifestyle pics are awesome too, this is what’s cool with the book as well. You obviously like shooting all kinda subjects, is there anything or any places you like better ?
I love the desert of Australia and the urban crazy scene of the US for landscape images. As for surfing i think you can not go past OZ, Europe and Pacific.

9- Do you bodyboard when you’re not shooting ?
Sometimes, I used to ride alot thats where my love of shooting bodyboarding comes from. These days if the waves are good i will shoot but if i can sneak a session in i will. I love DK.

10- Among all the shots in the book is there anyone you’d pick over all the other ones ? or any epic souvenir attached to one picture in particular ?
I can not pick any one image to tell the truth but the dolphin jumping over Chris James is some what amazing a real once in a life time chance.

11- Who do you shoot the most or who do you like working with ?
I try to work with a big mix of riders as it helps your skills be trained in all conditions and levels of riding. But the Guys in WA like Brad Hughes and Chad JAckson are by far the best crew to call when its going to be big and crazy. we go along way back and we all know each other so well that it all just seems to easy when we join forces.

12- Is it hard to make a living as a pro photographer (specially a bbing pro photographer) ?
Its hard but its a lifestyle choice plain and simple. If i wanted to make a lot of money i would shoot something like fashion or studio work. But i love the adventure and travel so i choose my passion over cash. I do shoot alot of other things besides bodyboarding which helps when the waves are flat.

13- What equipment do you currently have ? What would you buy if you had unlimited budget for your photo equipment ?
I have all sorts of equipment, it ranges from Canon Digital bodies, film bodies and nikon digital. All types of lenses from super wide right through to telephoto big suckers. Studio equipment including lighting, backdrops and a range of lenses and film bodies i use all meduim format. 3 Water housings, and every other thing you could think of. Actually i have more gear than most other guys out there but i like to be ready for anything and love to experiment. If i had unlimited funds???? I would buy the latest and greatest large format digital equipment and some portable lighting setups plus a new car to drive it around in.

14- Do you shoot stand ups and sell pictures to stand up mags as well ?
Yeah i choose to shoot who ever and what ever is around. Stand surfing is a totally different style of riding so it keep it nice and fresh. I also like to shoot long boarding.

15- If you could do it all over again since the first time you ever touched a camera, what would you do ?
I would try to gain some on the job experience to cut down on the learning curve a little bit but i am happy with the way i have progressed through my career. I always worked hard in jobs to be able to afford my gear and one day i packed my bags and left on a job and i have not worked a single day for someone else since. If you want to do something you just have to believe in yourself and have a goal.

Thanx for you time and once again, congratulation on your brand new book mate.
Theo –

You can purchase this book through my website at

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