The Waldron Bros interview

To celebrate the new year we decided is was high time to interview Chad and Kane Waldron last week. How is that ?

With the imminent release of the BEN PLAYER PROJECT and its premieres in Australia this January it was the perfect timing to interview movie makers Chad and Kane Waldron.

Just so you know those 2 brothers are behind 80% of all major bodyboarding DVD release since their first movie VAGUE OPPORTUNITIES. Since then they’ve released DENIS, LEROY, INSERT NAME HERE, THERE IS NO I, the BOOM! Podcast and NMDtv episodes, and now the BEN PLAYER PROJECT.

Here’s what the bros have to say about the upcoming BEN PLAYER movie, about filming, editing and making a living out of bodyboarding flicks: CLICK HERE TO READ THE INTERVIEW.

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  b wrote @ January 1st, 2009 at 8:49 pm

If you sell the DVD for 5 or 10 euros, maybe people wouldn´t copy them… Here ir Portugal a bb DVD costs 30 euros…

In average the film last 30 minutes with wave sequences, no story told… Put an script on it like the Joker (king)…

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