A sneak preview of some of the hottest 2010 boards by Spongercity.com

2010 is just around the corner. Well not really… but most boards companies have already started producing or designing their boards for 2010 and it’s gonna be hard to choose your next boards among all the available ones. So we thought it would be a good thing to gather some of the hottest boards for 2010 (yep some are missing, we know! BZ boards pics, more Moreys, more CustomX boards, some Sniper boards from europe and a couple more brands…). We’ve tried to make a selection of pro models and stock boards that will definitely some of the good boards. It’s a sneak preview, we would have like to have more brands and boards but not all boards pictures were available. We’ll probably update this post as it goes. Some are already available in Oz, some worldwide, others can only be pre-ordered and the rest are simply not available yet but will be later this year or in early 2010.

Just click on the models you wanna see or browse thru all models by clicking the left or right arrows on your keyboard or on the slideshow arrows (once you’ve clicked on any of the board link of course). Pretty easy!


NMD 2010 Boards (A selection of Pro Models and cores – Models are avaible in lots of other cores or variations)
NMD 2010 Novy 3D Core
NMD 2010 Novy PE Core
NMD 2010 Novy Small
NMD 2010 Player 3D Core
NMD 2010 Winchester 3D Core

VS 2010 Boards (Pro Models only in 3D Core – Models are avaible in lots of other cores or variations)
VS 2010 Hardy 3D Core
VS 2010 PierreLouisCostes 3D Core
VS 2010 Rawlins 3D Core

PRIDE Boards 2010 (Most Pro models and the combo board)
Pride 2010 cade sharp 606
Pride 2010 cade sharp 808
Pride 2010 Combo 505
Pride 2010 Combo 707
Pride 2010 Combo 909
Pride 2010 mitch woodland 606
Pride 2010 sam bennett 808

ELIT Boards 2010 (A selection of various models)
Elit 2010 blank-ltd pp.jpg
Elit 2010 dkf pp
Elit 2010 sd2 pe
Elit 2010 sd2 pp
Elit 2010 td2 pe

HB Boards 2010 (A selection of the Icon series models)
HB 2010 brad hughes icon PE
HB 2010 icon PP
HB 2010 projekt icon PE
HB 2010 sean virtue icon PE
HB 2010 sean virtue icon PP
HB 2010 TS icon PE
HB 2010 TS icon PP

MOREY Boards 2010 (Bunting models)
Morey 2010 bunting PE
Morey 2010 bunting PP

TOYS Boards 2010 (Pro models as well as a few other boards)
Toys 2010 Aka Lyman
Toys 2010 Aka II
Toys 2010 GnR
Toys 2010 The Game

CUSTOM X Boards 2010 (Shapers Series models as well as the A.Luehman board)
CustomX cxc
CustomX cxr
CustomX cxv
CustomX Adam Luehman

CARTEL Boards 2010 (Roach Pro models as well as a few other boards)
Cartel 2010 5-STAR
Cartel 2010 9Board
Cartel 2010 9Borad crescent tail
Cartel 2010 50/50
Cartel 2010 D5
Cartel 2010 D5crescent
Cartel 2010 flowboard
Cartel 2010 FVT
Cartel 2010 LTD
Cartel 2010 M2
Cartel 2010 Roach DK
Cartel 2010 Roach LTD

TURBO Boards 2010 (Pro models and the IV board as well)
Turbo 2010 botha pe
Turbo 2010 IV
Turbo 2010 jackson contour pe
Turbo 2010 mason pe
Turbo 2010 mason pp

4PLAY Boards 2010 (Pro models and a couple more boards)
4play 2010 boost dow
4play 2010 dallas hps
4play 2010 dallas pp
4play 2010 dallas tech
4play 2010 element xpp
4play 2010 king hps
4play 2010 king pp
4play 2010 king tech
4play 2010 smoke bpp
4play 2010 tom robinson hps
4play 2010 tom robinson pp
4play 2010 tom robinson tech

NOMAD Boards 2010 (the Gold Signature series)
Nomad chris james efc
Nomad chris james pe
Nomad chris james pp
Nomad chris james prodigy pe
Nomad glen thurston efc
Nomad glen thurston pe
Nomad glen thurston pp
Nomad glen thurston prodigy pe
Nomad matt lackey pe
Nomad matt lackey pp
Nomad matt lackey prodigy pe

NO6 Boards 2010 (Max Arent Pro Model)
no6 max arent efc
no6 max arent pp
no6 max arent pe

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