Wallpaper – Spongercity x LeBoogie Co-Lab

It’s time for new wallpapers ! Say hello to our third wallpaper collaboration project ! After our collaboration with VS™ Boards and Dan Sivess as well as Chris Gurney a few month ago we’ve decided to work with a magazine this time to bring you another cool wallpaper. And here you go:

The SPONGERCITY™ x LeBoogie Wallpaper Co-Lab

Who better than a Magazine knows what a good picture is ? Who better then Phil Gallagher could do a co-lab with us ? Just before Phil launches LeBoogie Magazine we’ve decided to go for another cool wallpaper co-lab thing.

This time it’s a sick Ben Player shot that we’ve choosen with Phil Gallagher, for your viewing pleasure and your computer or iPhone’s pimping.

As usual, we’ve included 10 different sizes for all computer screens, from 1920px wide to 800px wide, and have a choice between WIDE or 4:3 size resolution. Check at the bottom of the list the iPhone / iPodTouch special size. We designed it taking into account the iPhone interface to make sure the wallpaper is gonna look sick and won’t mess with the rest of the iPhone user interface like Time/Date and Unlock buttons.

Choose a screen resolution and download for it for FREE right now:

PCINSTRUCTIONS: Click on the wallpaper you want, wait until it’s downloaded in its new window, then control-click the wallpaper : choose “Save as wallpaper”. Close the window once you’ve got your wallpaper.

MACINSTRUCTIONS: Click on the wallpaper you want, wait until it’s downloaded in its new window, then you can simply drag the wallpaper onto the desktop. Or you can also control-click the wallpaper and choose “Download image to disk” which works fine as well. Close the window once you’ve got your wallpaper. Go to your Mac preferences panel to customize the settings of your desktop.

iPhoneINSTRUCTIONS: Download the wallpaper (iPhone size of course) and drop it on your computer in any folder (or on your iPhoto library if you’re using iPhoto on a Mac). Then open iTunes, go to the “Photos” tab while you synchronize your iPhone with your computer and choose to sync the folder that contains the wallpaper (or sync the wallpaper directly from iPhoto if you’re on a Mac). Once the wallpaper is uploaded on your iPhone and the synchronisation is over just go to your iPhone settings > Wallpaper then choose the wallpaper and validate. Boom! Done !


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  Le Preview » Transitsurf wrote @ August 25th, 2009 at 3:33 pm

[...] Whilst on le topic our french friends over at Spongercity have released the first in a series of co-lab wallpapers to commerorate the launch. Grab some branded wall candy here. [...]

  J wrote @ August 31st, 2009 at 2:43 pm

Great shot! Ben is up! Got it on the work and home lap tops : )

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