Board Test – TURBO IV FRC CORE 41

The TURBO IV is a classic revival of the worldwide famous TURBO III board. Sick colors, sick shape, sick design, the essence of new school bodyboarding back in the days.

TURBO revisited that board in 2009 and again in 2010 and re-launched that classic shape with new, modern materials. The TURBO IV FRC 41 has an FRC blank inside (Flex-Response-Core – FRC model features a sofisticated tri-stringer system). The FRC core is stiff yet flexy thanks to the 3 stringers and special core: it’s very light, solid but flexy like PE core.

It feels different than PE when you ride it. It’s got a faster projection/recoil and feels stiffer when riding fast. Click below to read the full review.

Turbo IV FRC 41 Board TestThe template of the TURBO IV is a prone template with a quite high wide point. It’s classic prone shape but it’s a little wider than other prone shapes and it makes the board really stable for it’s size. It’s fast and has drive. The nose with it’s red clipped piece, unique to those TURBO boards back in the days (and copied since then by dozen of brands) feels good and easy to handle with the added nose bulbs on the slick.

The board is easy and fun to ride and works well in all types of waves. We rode it in warm summer waters and colder waters and the flex is still here and the responsiveness as well. Smaller or bigger surf: the board handled everything well.

The FRC core is stiffer and feels like it produced more rebounds than a classic PE core when the waves are choppy. That could be the only down-side. We reckon that for anything clean and under 6 feet the board is great choice for all type of riders. It’s not too wide and not too narrow, it floats well and is easy to paddle and get into waves. We liked riding it in small summer surf better then cold, heavier winter surfs but that’s just us.

We didn’t need to adapt to that template or surf the board 5 times to get used to it. The shape is really easy to ride and seems to work straight out of the blister, unlike PP that seems too stiff or hard to ride when you like flexier boards.

Available in PP and PE as well.

For PP and PE the 38“,40″, 41”, and 42“ models features a single stringer system for better memory. The 43” and 45” models feature a double stringer system for extra strength and durability for the larger riders.

Technical details:
SIZES: 38”, 40”,41″, 42”, 43”, 45”
CORE: PP (Polypropylene), PE (Polyethylene) and FRC (Flex Response Core)
SLICK: Surlyn ®
TAIL: Crescent
RAILS: 50/50
STRINGER: Single, double and tri stringer system (FRC)
MESH: Turbo IV PE model only

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