Board Test – ELIT SD 41.25 PE SRINGER MESH with Contours

First ELIT board test for us! We’ve had 2 different boards to test from ELIT: the SD and the TEAM DESIGN. This is the SD test, we’ll review the TEAM DESIGN board a little bit later. ELIT boards are made in indo by Mez (like NMD, VS, SCIENCE, PRIDE, HB, TOYS, SNIPER, LMNOP and more brands – we probably forgot some brands in the list) so it’s a solid contruction, good materials and craftmanship. Read the rest of the review by clicking the link below…

elit sd testThis ELIT SD 41.25 PE Stringer mesh has deck contours and a size that isnt very common: 41.25 inches). It’s a prone board with a classic prone shape, it’s quite narrow, has a nice template and is fairly easy to ride. We didnt have to get used to the template to enjoy riding the board, a little bit like the Ben Player NMD board we tested a few month ago. It’s fun to ride straight out of the box ! The PE core was really cool in cold waters and the speed we got with this board was insane. Waves were 3-4 foot on the test day so didnt really do airs but we did spins and that 41.25 was easy to spin to say the least. Maybe it’s because we’re used to ride bigger boards ? Anyway we had a blast riding this board.

The contour deck: we’re not big fans of contours and think it’s more a gadget or marketing thing than a really helpful feature on a board but luckily once you ride the board you don’t feel the contours too much which is cool because we would have hated to feel locked in one position because of the elbow contours or any other contours. We like a bit of flex in our boards, specially in the winter in cold waters but we felt like the contour on this PE board made the board so thin in certain parts of the board that it was almost too flexy. Maybe those contours are better suited for PP cores to get PP boards a little bit more flexy but on PE cores we dont think it’s much needed actually. (our opinion anyway)

To sum it up, the board was sick and fun and fast and easy to drive and spin but the PE core was almost too flexy because of the contour thing on the deck. We reckon PE boards dont really need such contoured decks, the PE being quite flexy already as it is. Other than that it’s easy to hold the board, it’s confortable and it’s easy to ride. A good board, a nice template and a good design! We liked it. Oh and we rode a couple waves DK and although the board is really small for good for our size it wasnt THAT bad, the board could follow a line, pump and will be ok for an occasional wave in DK stance if you want to.

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