Interview – Nick Mesritz, talks about the Kinetic Core

We wanted to learn more about the new Kinetic™ core from Mez and decided to ask the man himself Nick “Mez” Mesritz a few extra questions about the core. We’re pretty sure that everything you might have wanted to know about the core is in this quick interview we had today with Nick:

Spongercity: So it’s basically EPP but molded into a specific bodyboard core mold with better properties than simple EPP yeah ?
Mez: Firstly, EPP stands for Expanded Polypropylene, not Extruded PP. Expanded and Beaded PP are one in the same. Essentially, Kinetic Core is a proprietary EPP formulation moulded into a Bodyboard specific blank. JSP is the industry leader for EPP, and having created the stuff, naturally they produce the highest grades available.

Spongercity:How different is it from Beaded PP or from the EFC blanks that are also molded cores if i remember well.
Mez: I can’t comment too much on EFC, as I’ve not worked with it, but talking with a couple of shapers that have, they indicated that it was a lower density EPP. Which would make sense, as its touted for use in cool water temps or riders after a more flexible board. As I said before, EPP is Beaded PP, so I can’t say its different. What I do know is that the material we are using for Kinetic Core is the best EPP we can get our hands on.

Spongercity: Is the core available as blanks and then employees at your factory or shapers like you and Dan for example add stringer(s) and/or mesh ?
Mez: Yes, Kinetic Core comes in a blank form and we shape it to suit, adding stringers and/ or mesh if the customer requires it.

Spongercity: Is the Kinetic core similar to the classic EPP you used in term of buoyancy, stiffness and weight ?
Mez: Yes, we have invested a considerable amount of time, energy and cold hard cash to ensure Kinetic Core has all the right attributes in terms of stiffness and finished board weight, which determines displacement/ buoyancy. The one area where EPP excels over Propafoam is its superior compression set characteristics. Which mean’s it’s far more resistant to denting/depressions.

Spongercity: So the cores you work with now at your factory are the classic PE, the 3D core and the Kinetic core yeah ?
Mez: Correct.

Spongercity: In the 3D core is the PP part made from Kinetic PP or from other classic PP material ?
Mez: This seasons 3D boards will be made with a Kinetic PP top layer.

Spongercity: Is the Kinetic easy to laminate like the EPP with just a substrate in between the deck/rails/surlyn and the core ?
Mez: I wouldn’t say its easy, but lamination of the outer skins is very similar to how we fabricated the Propafoam.

Spongercity: Only boards made at the Mez Factory (such as NMD, VS, Pride, Sniper etc.) will benefit from this innovation or do you sell the core to other brands outside your factory ?
Mez: At this stage, only boards made at our factory will use the Kinetic Core moulded blank.
Thanks Theo.

Spongercity:Thanks Mez!

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