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Ryan is a busy man, a busy bodyboarder and his profile definitely needed a little more than just a couple pictures and a quick Q&A. We met Ryan quickly last January in Sydney and… well… we told Ryan we’d send him questions for an interview but it took us longer than we expected… Anyway, 6 months later, here’s Ryan, talking about bodyboarding, video making, wetsuits, business and more.


Hey Ryan, howdy ? what have you been up to ?
Hey mate, sorry for the late reply. Yeah I’ve been super busy designing next years Zion range, trying to get this website out, doing some film work for the HB fellas and I recently just got married to my dream girl… busy times!

Can you introduce yourself ?
Ryan Mattick. 26. Thirroul, South coast of NSW.
One time semi-pro bodyboarder turned photog, turned videog, turned wanna-be designer and businessman.

How was the FEVER DREAM DVD premieres tour in Oz ?
It was a pretty sick experience. We had 8 premieres in 4 different states. For the most of it it was Kates, Jase Finlay, Corpse and myself getting wild, with famed Mc Koot, who if you haven’t seen is the best natural entertainer ever. All up we watched FeverDream so much, I never want to see it again!

You filmed and edited everything with James Kates. How do you guys share tasks ? Who films what ? Who’s editing ?
Regarding filming, I shot most of it. Kates is pretty creative behind the lens though, loves shooting animals, especially dogs, and can get a little carried away. He shot all the super 8 stuff, and some of the extra stuff is his dad’s from the 60’s which is pretty cool.
Regarding editing, Kates edited most of it, while I stood behind him with my knee to his back. Haha. Nah it was us two sitting in a room throwing around ideas and getting slightly crazy.

Do you sometimes have issues with James and the other guys because the waves are too good and no one wants to film ?
Nah I’m the filmer, when we got a project on, I’m the one geeing everything up, checking the charts everywhere and pushing the fellas, which then gets them pretty excited to perform. Once you get on a roll there’s no stopping till its done…

Where did you go for the movie ? (sessions, trips etc.)
We did a lot around the south coast. WA. VICO. SOUTH OZ x 3,and Tassie. Ryan Mattick Interview

Do you reckon the movie is a motivation to push everyone further, do crazy shit in the water and travel around Oz and the rest of the world to score sick waves ?
Yeah for sure. Regarding the crazy, I hope it inspires people. I know how excited I get when I see new waves, or waves/surfing shot in a different way. It used to just pump me up so much, and I’d get this crazy urge to just go and do something. Giving that feeling to others would feel pretty cool…

Are DVDs still profitable or at least do you get your money back after everything is over and you’ve sold the copies to the shops ? Lots of videographers say they would love to keep on filming but it just doesnt pay the bills. What do you think ?
If the film’s promoted well and the filmer is distributing themselves, then yeah it’s possible to make a bit of profit, but it ain’t no cash cow that’s for sure. With FeverDream, we made a small profit after all the costs were accounted for. The only real profit is exposure for Zion. I would do it all for free to promote my label as photography, waves and Zion are my passions

Are you back home now ? What do you do when you’re not filming and surfing or taking care of your wetsuits brand ZION ?
Hanging out with my wife! Yeah I’m home, when I have the time I love to cook. Hanging out with mates. I have a group of mates who love curries, there’s a little curryhouse; two meat curries, rice, papadum, raita and coke for AU$8 bargain!

Can you tell us more about your brand ZION and how it all started and who works with you on this project ?
Zion was born ten years ago, but remained inside my head until 2 years ago. I just really wanted to make super quality rubber that anyone can love, and something that can do good things for the boog industry. Two years on and we have sourced some of the best materials in the world, have the freshest and strongest team, and have released two nearly sold out ranges.

Zion is owned by myself and south coast booger Matt Young. I’m a meticulous basterd, and am head of marketing, design, sales, and team and international stuff, while Matt takes care of the distribution. All the team dudes are just as mucha part of Zion with there ideas and feedback, so the aussie team of Corpse, Jase, Kates, Joe, Backshall, Bennett, Griz and Kingy are all in. Ryan Mattick Interview

There seems to be way more bodyboarding brands nowadays with 100% bbing clothes and wetsuits for example. How do you explain that ?
I guess this is due to bodyboarders doin their own thing ya know. Like a lot of boogers are starting their own labels. And they’re successful cos generally the brand and product is good and boogers are typically brand loyal and are supporting thisa, which is good to see.

What’s the typical Ryan Mattick day when you’re home ?
Business, coffee hang, business, ocean, business, wife hangs.

How do you share you time between surfing and taking care of the ZION business etc. ? Do you also work aside of that or do you only do ZION 100% of your time now ?
It’s not a very well known fact that I barely surf anymore. Like, I will go out every now and then, but Zion is something that I commited to without knowing just how much work was involved. My passion for riding waves was taken over by the passion to shoot photos, so if I’m in the ocean, most times I’ll be shooting and not sliding along on my gut.

Oh, and I’m also real bad on the boog too now haha, my moves suck!

What’s coming next ? Any other DVD project or anything new with ZION ?
Yeah, we are coming to Europe! Zion will be hitting Europe this year with a big range of 4/3’s and 3/2 steamers so I’m pretty pumped on that. We’re also doing a team vid project in Europe at the end of this year, so I’m super excited to see more of the world….

Do you know which countries in Europe you will visit ? PS: The Spongercity HQ being in SW France, we’ll pay the beers if you come down here.
SW france is on the itinerary, as is Ireland, Scotland, and a few secret lands. You keep those beers cold and we will be there!

Last words ?
I’d like to say a big thanks to my beautiful wife for letting me marry her, and putting up with all my chit. I’d like to also say Europe, prepare yourself for Zion, I’m preparing for one serious case of Euro rig!

Thanks Ryan!

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