Interview with Fintan Gillespie and Jack Johns – Boogtique discount included ! Oh Yeah !

You probably heard about BOOGTIQUE, the new online shop that Fintan Gillespie and pro bodyboarder Jack Johns launched not too long ago in the UK. Fintan and Jack were kind enough to answer some of our questions on skype regarding their new store and the interview turned out being pretty funny!

PS: keep reading toward the end of the interview for an exclusive Spongercity & Boogtique deal – 10% off !


  BOOGER MIKE wrote @ July 5th, 2010 at 1:02 am

Nice interview but one thing was untrue.

The UK does have a Bodyboard shop called BODYBOARD HQ that has been running for about 11 years.
It carries a stack of kit too. Last time i went into the shop they must have at least 400 boards in stock! They give the best advice i have ever found in all my travels.

I know the guy there & have been buying boards from him for 9 years or more & i believe he has had a massive influence in the type and quality of the boards available in the UK. Previous to HQ we were getting bad advice and sporadic range of boards. A lot of duds were sent to the UK and the surf shops didn’t have a clue what they were selling.

Just thought it was a shame that Jack couldn’t give the shop a mention instead of saying no to the question about other Bodyboard shops in the UK, at least Fintan half mentioned there was!

I realise Jacks trying to promote his thing but without HQ we would prob still all be riding rigid Mantas or polystyrene wave rebels here in the UK. HQ heavily promoted the brands like NMD, VS and Science making it realistic for guys like Action sports distribution to get them in and keep the price reasonable (UK is one of the cheapest places to buy boards) You probably wouldn’t have a sponsor like NMD with custom boards! We certainly wouldn’t have much choice at all.

I’m glad we have a place to go thats totally booger friendly and get our kit. Just heard tonight on facebook that BODYBOARD HQ have part sponsored the British team to enter the world Bodyboard games in Confital, Gran Canaria this December. HQ might be paying for your plane ride and hotel, contest entry JJ, happy days ;-)
BOOGER MIKE (Newquay, Cornwall, UK)

  admin wrote @ July 5th, 2010 at 1:12 am

Thanks Mike for the comment. I knew HQ exists but since they never replied to any of my emails (the spongercity editor) that i sent them i don’t really feel bad for them. I tried to contact them years ago and never got any reply from anyone there. Not cool. Sorry for them.

  Jack Johns wrote @ July 5th, 2010 at 3:35 pm

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your comment and I understand where your coming from.
I was answering the question as if were the only ‘online’ bodyboard store.
I love what Dave Heard at BBHQ is doing, he is a true champ and i love the passion he has for bodyboarding, i think keeping a bodyboard store open in the UK for 11years is a true testament to his commitment to our sport!
Sorry Dave for not giving you a mention.


Jack Johns

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