Cheese, Chill & Look Straight

Just got an email from our buddy Greg M. with this link toward his latest video edit: – Absolutely brilliant editing, lights and shoot. Greg has been making bodyboarding video and editing various clips for ages now and is such a gifted/talented guy. Everything he does is classy and looks ace, from still pics to videos. We wish he had the time to edit a full bodyboarding video, he’d blow your mind soooo bad.

Cheese, Chill & Look Straight is a short video clip mixing the multiple faces and profiles converging in Bali Indonesia. Most of them are unknown folks, artists, surfers, tourists or workers from Indonesia, Japan, South Africa, Porto rico, France, California or Uk. They all were kind enough to give me 5 minutes of their time to say cheese, chill and (try) to look straight… Directing : Gregory Marguerie + Soundtrack : DANGER / 11H30

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