Ring of Fire III Trailer

http://vimeo.com/40692928 – Ring of Fire III is coming ! Third DVD in a series of films made by Rob Isambert. The DVDs are always good with fresh new destinations, angles, riders, footage and stuff and we’ve always been stoked on the Ring Of Fire series !

More about the new DVD:
Ring of Fire 3 is a bodyboard film which features footage from all over California, Mexico, New South Wales, Gold Coast, Tahiti, Hawaii and the South Pacific. There is loads of unseen footage from all the pros in pumping Puerto Escondito and Punta Colorada. Also in the video is the two month trip to Australia with three first class California riders. In addition, is a segment of some of the best helmet cam shots from around the world. Finally, some solid clips from the North Shore including one of the best Pipe contests ever.
The video should be complete before the end of the June. Stay tuned for premiere dates as well as new trailers & frame grabs: facebook.com/pages/Uprising-Films/139377868631

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