THE INSIDE officially available on Youtube for your viewing pleasure

The myth, the legend, the movie that pretty much set the standard for all other movies, the one and only movie you HAVE to watch, it’s bodyboarding’s history and it’s such a good movie.

Quick note & review from Spongercity: Released in 95′ or something, this movie is the shiznitz, it’s got everything you want in a video and it kinda marks the beginning of the ‘modern era’ of bodyboarding with moves and waves of consequence and riders pushing themselves in heavy shit. Sometimes the odd pink and rainbow slick might freak you out but most of the images and action look insane and could easily fit in today’s movies or podcasts. Chad Barba, Paul Roach, Aka Lyman… no one to this day surfs like them. It’s our history but mostly a great movie even including a full girl section and a soundtrack that will please everyone. It’s 1 hour+ and it’s more than a movie, it’s a journey. You need to watch this video for sure.

THE INSIDE by Scotty Carter is officially available on Youtube for your viewing pleasure

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  matbeug wrote @ April 8th, 2013 at 8:42 pm

yes …

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