Fronton event cancelled

The Fronton event is cancelled (Was scheduled in Dec 2013) – The Fronton event was the last event of the year (Stop No5 on the IBA World Tour). Without this event the tour this year has had only 4 events which is a bit light for a decent world tour. Too bad. The 2013 world champ will be decided soon, based on the 2013 ranking (and apparently the 2012 rankings as well because Amaury Lavernhe and Ben Player both have the save exact number of points in the 2013 rankings, so the IBA will look at the 2012 rankings to determine who’s 1st and who’s 2nd this year. Ben Player has a higher ranking in 2012 so chances are he will be crowned 2013 world champ – this is apparently how it’s going to happen but it needs to be confirmed by the IBA).

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Richard Nimmo the General Manager said It is with great disappointment that the IBA has decided to cancel Fronton.

The team at the IBA has worked tirelessly to pull the event together, yet a last minute withdrawal of a key sponsor has meant that we can no longer contemplate running it. Events must be profitable or at worse break even.

It’s been a tough year for the IBA, the riders, technical team and the media team.

Though this is disappointing, we will now focus on 2014 to make Pipe the success it deserves to be.

Richard Nimmo
General Manager
International Bodyboarding Association Pty Ltd


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