20 years ago…

20+ years ago videographer Scotty Carter released what was – and still is – one of the most perfect and influential video (VHS back in the days) of all time. It had everything in it: pros ripping, new destinations, a great soundtrack, it was an hour+ in running length, was well editing, well thought, had some messages in it that todays politics should have listened to, it had flair, had Paul Roach, had Chad Barba, had Mike Stewart and a million other legends, it had a soul that forever forged what bodyboarding was, is, and will be. It’s bodyboarding’s history and more. There’s a “before” and “after” this video, it separates what could be considered “oldschool” and what became “new school”. It’s was filmed around ‘93 we reckon. If you havent watched it yet, you need to. If you know it already then re-watch it. Just the intro with some Slayer soundtrack to fucken’ wake you up will – and should – get ya amped to watch it all.

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