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Soyroll becomes Sushift™


The bodyboarding accessories brand Soyroll becomes Sushift™ – The brand has announced its name change and re-branding in a recent press release which you can read below. All the products and team riders remain the same, onle the name changes and the brand known for its premium quality products will keep on delivering top notch bodyboarding hardware as well as expanding internationally. Its website, online shop and products haven been re-branded with the new name:

Sushift™ International team consists of: James Kates (AUS), Jack Johns (UK), Ivan Pulic (AUS), Wade Masters (AUS), Brett Roldan (USA), Tom Gillespie (IRL), Lucas Vergnes (REU), Greg Vorster (CAN), Rui Pereira (POR), Francisco Bessone (POR), Germain Romigou (FRA), Mael L’Helgoualch (FRA), Alan L’Helgoualch (FRA), Nicolas Marianelli (FRA), Hugo Lagarde (FRA), Julien Le Sehan (FRA), Jonathan Jay (FRA), Jean-Sebastien Geffroy (CANARY), Derek Crater (FRA)

Press release:

November 2013 – For immediate release: Premium Bodyboarding Acessories brand Soyroll™ has a new name! Say hello to Sushift™ – Today marks a new step in the evolution of the company and its international growth.

We’re happy to announce that the company will now be selling products and operating under its new name: Sushift™

The international expansion of the company and the distribution of our products will now happen under this new name that we’re exciting to reveal today. New products and a larger accessories range are coming in 2014 as we’ll keep pushing our quality and objectives even further. With a solid team of international riders and unmatched products quality Sushift™ will not only be all that Soyroll™ was but even better.

Our team, our products and our love for neat designs and hi quality products and service remain the same.

Cheers from Sushift™, see you in the water.

Riptide Mag leaves the Morrisson Media Group and gets sold

Riptide Mag leaves the Morrisson Media Group and gets sold to Riptide Designer / Developper Dave Heavyside so it’s still going and is now independent from any media group. Sounds good to us although it’s usually hard for smaller publications to survive without the power / finance of a larger group (moslty because publication rely heavily on advertisers which larger media group can attract more easily). Anyways, read the full story on le BOOGIE magazine’s website for more details about the news.

Cloak & Dagger Magazine threads

Our buddies at Cloak & Dagger Magazine have recently released some cool threads, check ‘em out:

Dave Winchester signs with ZION

The news just dropped – Dave Winchester signs with ZION! Yewwww

Is boards volume the next big thing?

In the surf industry, amongst shapers, customers and retailers the new big thing the last few years became the VOLUME of a board. What the beeeep you gonna ask? VOLUME? Yes, volume! The volume is basically measured in LITERS and tells you how much water you would fit into your board if it was hollow. Now you know what VOLUME is.

Why is volume so important? Because it’s going to determine how (well or bad) a board will float you. A board (at least a custom board) is normally adapted to you size, weight and ability to shred. A lot of parameters are taken into account when buying a board or ordering a board to your shaper: Length, Width, Wide Point, Nose, Tail, Nose to Wide Point, Thickness & options such as deck contours, tail options etc. but the VOLUME parameter is never mentioned in the process. Same as a surfboard, or any craft that floats, a bodyboard has a volume and that volume will play a lot when you surf. Know what your min. and max. volume is will be (or should be) a priority very soon. It has helped a lot of surf-riders and pro-surfers to improve their board choice and understanding of shapes and dimensions to know about volumes. When buying a board if the volume of each stock board is indicated on the blister or paper wrap your board choice could be much easier and much better. It’s now the case for a lot of surfboard manufacturers and shapers and it might soon be the case for bodyboard shapers.

In the bodyboarding industry (appart from some brands but very few of them) the dimensions of the stock boards are not even mentioned on the board packaging or on the website you’re buying your boards from but it plays a lot for riders (pros or amateurs) and it’s crucial to know those dimensions. Shapers, if you read this you know it’s crucial.

Knowing your min. and max. volume will help you choose your board(s) for prone, DK, small waves, bigger waves, hollow waves etc. Having more volume will help in smaller conditions for example while having less volume will help for control in heavier waves. Playing with volumes (thickness and dimensions are what will make your volume increase or decrease) will be the next level in choosing the right board(s). Of course the different cores will also play since some are more or less buoyant (PE is less buoyant than PP for example) but given the same core knowing what exact volume your board is will definitely be useful when you choose a board.

We reckon knowing and indicating the volume of each board on its packaging and online specs will be the future of professional shaping and serious brands. We’ve warned you and you’ve read it on first. Yewwww

Volume & dimensions

From Wikipedia for the geeks: Volume is the quantity of three-dimensional space enclosed by some closed boundary, for example, the space that a substance (solid, liquid, gas, or plasma) or shape occupies or contains.[1] Volume is often quantified numerically using the SI derived unit, the cubic metre. The volume of a container is generally understood to be the capacity of the container, i. e. the amount of fluid (gas or liquid) that the container could hold, rather than the amount of space the container itself displaces.

Jacob Romero’s NO6 Pro Model

Jacob’s pro model will be available soon, here’s a preview:

QCD Boards – Stock range 2014

QCD has released a full range of stock boards for 2014 and they’re hitting the stores in OZ as we speak. Well-known for his custom boards, Todd Quigley (the great shaper behind QCD) has decied to hit the market with stock boards. You can learn more on the QCD Facebook page as the QCD website is currently under re-construction:

Stock boards are not shaped at the QCD factory in OZ from what we’ve understood (it would probably have been impossible for Todd to shape all boards alone anyways) but they are shaped at the Agit factory in Asia. (to be confirmed). Stock models look good with good shapes, colors & designs.

Stay tuned for more.

Comp stock board below (one of the new stock models for 2014)

Hawaiian ripper Jacob Romero signs with The No6 Boards

Good news for Jacob who was left with no sponsor earlier this year when Turbo boards stopped helping their riders after Turbo was sold from its previous owners to a new group/business. Jacob just signed with No6 Bodyboards. He should soon have a pro model with No6. Yewww

Kingy & Lester ride for FOUND Boards

We just saw that Damian King & Andrew Lester now ride for FOUND Boards. Cool!

Benny Player and Dallas Singer on AGENT18 Wetsuits

Ex-Dunes wetsuits riders Benny Player and Dallas Singer have been recruited by AGENT18 wetsuits which now have a nice team under its belt! Wowww Ben Player & Dallas Singer, plus Nick Gornall, Glen Thurston, Jake Stone, Amaury Lavernhe and more… impressive team.

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