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LeBOOGIE releases a Digital Mag – Issue 1

Check out the new mag LeBOOGIE has released. Their first digital Issue.

Cloak & Dagger Magazine threads

Our buddies at Cloak & Dagger Magazine have recently released some cool threads, check ‘em out:

Riptide Issue 195 now available

Riptide Issue 195 is out, it’s got the 2013/14 Board Guide in it and heaps more.

From Riptide:

It’s nearly killed us keeping a lid on this one. We’re amped to finally reveal the cover of Riptide #195: Damien Martin driving through a Shipsterns bomb twice as wide as it is tall (he paddled it too). We could barely get the damn thing to even fit on the cover!

This monster is just a taste of what #195 has in store, an issue made up of equal parts progression and controversy; experience and youth. Overflowing with the best shots of this incredible winter and backed up by some of the best writers in the biz, this is not an issue you want to miss.

Packaged with our 2013 Riptide Board Guide liftout (with the revolutionary new Riptide Online Board Guide coming hot on its heels), you’ve only got six more days until you can get your hands on a copy. Available in newsstands, on Apple and Android devices and on your PC via Zinio, you can get the issue any which way you please.

Stay tuned for more teasers in the coming days…

Photo: Andrew Chisholm


Cloak & Dagger Magazine Issue 2

CLOAK&DAGGER ISSUE 2 is now available here:

Riptide Mag 194 & The Experiment 7

Issue 194 of Riptide Mag is out and it’s got the Experiment 7 in it. Don’t miss this issue!

Check the teaser if you havent watched it in our video selection of the week 10 minutes ago!

“It’s back.” With those words on page 13 of Riptide #194 a concept synonymous with world-class bodyboarding begins in earnest. It’s been a long time between drinks for the Experiment issue (six years) – the word alone conjures visions of perfect waves and the open road – and we’re ecstatic to be bringing it back for those who grew up with the iconic issues, and to expose the younger generations to the Experiment.

Not only is it an opportunity to reward the highest-voted riders in the world for their efforts during the past year (2012 Bodyboarder of the Year rankings), it’s a chance to throw them in a situation completely foreign to anything else that exists in the world bodyboarding media. Who are these riders you ask? The Experiment Seven team consists of:

- 2012 Riptide Bodyboarder of the Year Dave Winchester
- 2011 World Champion Pierre Louis Costes
- 2 x World Champion Ben Player
- 2 x Women’s World Champion Isabela Sousa
- 2012 Dropknee World Champion Sacha Specker
- South African superstar Jared Houston
- Freesurfing extraordinaire Jase Finlay
- 2012 Riptide Grom of the Year Lewy Finnegan

Producing a whole mag and DVD in two weeks (which in this case turned out to be around five days) with an eclectic team of riders from around the world seems is a near-impossible task. The results are accordingly unlike anything else on the market, but damn if it doesn’t make for some compelling viewing. With Nick Bannehr and Michael Jennings behind the lenses, not one snippet of action went uncaptured. Sit back with a cuppa and take a journey with us. Ride the highs and lows of a trip that went anything but according to plan. As if the mag wasn’t already choc full enough, we’re also stoked to be bringing you a huge double sided poster to spruce up your bedroom walls. It wasn’t always pretty, but like Sacha Specker says inside, “That’s what travel is”, and we couldn’t be more stoked we took a gamble in bringing the Experiment back. Bodyboarding needs big ideas and a sense of occasion. Resting on our laurels is something we refuse to do.

Welcome to Experiment Seven – mutiny, comradeship and redemption in the Mentawai Islands.

Riptide Mag issue 193 is here

It’s out and it looks good! Benny Player nails the cover. Nice shot at Blackrock!


VERT Mag just released a new FlipbookThe Visual Issue by Vert.

It’s totally FREE, check it out

CLOAK&DAGGER Mag – Issue 1 is out

CLOAK&DAGGER Mag – Issue 1 is out – We strongly recommend reading it.

Cloak & Dagger is a premium online bodyboarding publication featuring high quality photographic material from around the globe. Released quarterly via our website, Cloak & Dagger Magazine provides a clean, simple and powerful platform for the presentation of bodyboarding and wave photography.

Issue 1 is now upon us, and we’re not holding back. This Issue, Lewy Finnegan steals the cover on an infamous South Coast slab, Jase Finlay spills his guts on crying on camera, Nick Bannehr reveals his photographic royal flush and Joey Orme talks Bloke & Swagger. Plus tales from Ireland and Tazzie, as well as mind-numbingly glorious images from around the world.

Too see ISSUE 1 go to

Riptide Mag issue 191 is out

A crisp new magazine is not the only thing hot off the press – with it comes a brand spankin’ fresh concept that is sure to shake up the bodyboarding world.

If you somehow haven’t gathered by now, we’ve crowned our inaugural Bodyboarder of the Year in these pages. Sure, the iconic Peer Poll is cool, but didn’t having the Reader Poll separate leave unanswered questions? We thought we’d give the readers a chance to influence the Top 20 list and the results were, as expected, captivating. Have a flick through and see where your guy or gal finished up in bodyboarding’s prestigious new honour.

We bring you a couple more banging features – one showing that not all high-profile surf trips go as planned, even with a team of four of the world’s best, and another documenting a potential World Champ-in-waiting’s pressure-relieving jaunt to the frigid waters of Ireland.

You’ll also find insightful stories on a diverse crop of some of the sport’s colourful characters – from the prodigious ’90s versatile star, to a young pro at a career crossroads to another burgeoning talent who’s juggling a bodyboarding career with work, a mathematics degree and being a young dad.

Add to that a new focus on big, clean image spreads, and a beautifully shot bonus DVD featuring three eclectic guys from opposite ends of the globe and you’d be hard-pressed to find another product that comes close to the comprehensive bodyboarding package that is Riptide Magazine.

Results from the Riptide awards:

Bodyboarder of the Year – Dave Winchester
Peer Poll Number One – Jeff Hubbard (Reader Poll 3rd)
Reader Poll Number One – Dave Winchester (Peer Poll 2nd)

Dropkneer of the Year – Dave Hubbard
DK Peer Poll Number One – Matt Lackey (Reader Poll 3rd)
DK Reader Poll Number One – Dave Hubbard (Peer Poll 2nd)

Women’s Bodyboarder of the Year – Isabela Sousa
Women’s Peer Poll Number One – Isabela Sousa (Reader Poll 2nd)
Women’s Reader Poll Number One – Lilly Pollard (Peer Poll 2nd)

Grom of the Year – Lewy Finnegan (Peer and Reader Poll 1st)

Movement Mag issue 41 is available

Movement Mag issue 41 is now available. As you might have heard it’s their last issue… sad. Don’t miss this issue !

Nothing beats cracking open a magazine for the first time and feeling the weight, touching the texture and the smell the ink of beautiful pages. Issue 41 is a tribute to the past 8 years of making Movement, it’s an anthology of our best gear all squashed into 192 pages and wrapped between two hard covers.

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