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Washing your wetsuit in your washing machine… good or bad idea?

Oh well, there’s no perfect answer to this question but we can definitely give you a little feedback and/or advice… we did try to wash our wetty in our washing machine and pretty much like everything in life there’s an easy way to avoid a catastroph: dont go too far or too extreme! Dont wash your brand new suit with a full on crazy 90°C washing cycle, that will of course damage your beloved piece of neoprene!

Most manufacturers will tell you not to wash your suit in a washing machine but we did it anyways, at 30°C with a gentle cycle, no dry-tumbling, no extra dryer of course, just a short and simple washing cycle (same as for a fragile 100% wool jumper for example), this is it. We used a little bit of washing machine liquid or powder but way less then the normal dose (maybe just a 1/4 of a dose). The result was great, the suit we washed was fully stretch again (with all the salt that left the neoprene material and the seams it makes the suit as stretch as it was new), it smelt good again and was doing fine (nothing delaminated or damaged).

When and why would you wash your suit in your washing machine you’re gonna ask? Well, we reckon it’s a good way to give your 1 or 2 years old suit a second life, it cleans it from salt, dirt, pee etc. and makes it feel comfy and stretch again. It works way better than the do it yourself hand-wash products available on the market and it’s cool if you’re a bit lazy. Do not do it on a brand new suit under warranty of course, dont be stupid, only do it on a suit that you dont really care about anymore or a suit you dont count on as your main suit for the coming winter. Do it on your second suit for example if you have two suits and this should definitely help keeping your old suit in a good shape, nice and clean.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for anything if you kill your suit trying to wash it but there aren’t high risks of damaging a suit if you only wash it with a gentle and quick washing cycle without a dryer cycle.

Wetsuit Test – MATUSE TUMO 4/3/2 FULLSUIT

Probably the most expensive suit on the market and the most expensive suit we got to test we reckon. We got a 4/3/2 fullsuit (front zip on the chest). It’s the top range stuff. The fullsuit looks and feels great, it’s really really light and the neoprene is nice and light. (They call it Geoprene actually because the Yamamoto neoprene they use for this suit comes from limestone and isn’t made from petroleum products. Geoprene is derived from 99.7% pure limestone. It’s warmer – 98% water impermeable compared to the standard 69% – lighter and lasts longer than oil-based neoprene. It’s also kinder to Mother Nature since it wastes less biomass and comes from a sustainable resource—not petroleum. Geoprene is exclusive to Yamamoto Corporation and Matuse, Inc.)

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ZION Wetsuits is one of the new cool wetsuit brand out there, hailing from Australia, and being “The Brainchild of former pro Bodyboarder Ryan Mattick”, who “has developed Zion for purpose built Bodyboard use in mind”. There are quite a lot of bodyboarding-specialized wetsuits brands nowadays which is great (Agent 18, Dunes, Zion, Reeflex, Void…). We tested an AGENT 18 Wetsuit last year, then a DUNES steamer, and now it’s ZION’s turn to be tested by Spongercity. We’ll make the test/review short and to the point:

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DUNES is one of the rare wetsuit companies building suits specifically for bodyboarders. (Their website is not up to date so keep on reading the review and ask your local shop for the latest DUNES products coz you wont find anything on their site). They’re sponsoring a couple talented riders… mmmh like Ben Player for example or Dallas Singer and they even released a Player pro-model which looks pretty good. Anyway, we’re reviewing the DUNES GLADIATOR 4×3 BACKZIP royal blue color today. Click below to read the whole review.
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Agent 18 is one of the rare 100% bodyboarding wetsuit company and they seem to make some of the coolest suits around. With a sick team (Glen Thurston, Chris James, Jake Stone and Michael Novy) and a solid brand image we were really curious about the suits and decided to test one of them. Our choice was the Zebra 3/2 full suit which looks pretty amazing (whether you wanna look like a zebra or not in the water… some thought they looked ugly, we think it’s pretty sick to see a suit that is not all black like all other brands out there). Anyway, read the full test article by clicking below.
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