Ryan Hardy Interview is coming soon and here’s your chance to ask Ryan your questions!

We will be interviewing Ryan Hardy very soon and thought we’d make it a bit more interactive with you, the readers: If you wanna ask Ryan a Question just leave it in the comments here on our Facebook Page and we’ll pick up some of your questions and put them in the final interview with Ryan. It’s now or never! Your chance to ask Ryan your Questions! See you there!


Spencer Skipper and Aka Lyman opening a shop in Hawaii

Bodyboarding legends Spencer Skipper and Aka Lyman opened a shop in Hawaii, 501 Kealahou Street, Suite A23, Honolulu, Hawaii – go check it out if you’re in Hawaii or travelling over there. Sick!



New website for photographer Russell Quinn

Check out Russell Quinn’s new website: http://www.russellquinnphoto.com

Vids of the week, a best of from actually the last 3 weeks…

Straight, to the point, these are the good vids you’ll need to watch this week, just right-click and open in a new window, it’ll save you time and save our time too :)

The Goldy Boys – https://vimeo.com/102392503

Jake Stone – July Podcast – https://vimeo.com/102394530

Tristan Roberts 1 Boogie Session – https://vimeo.com/102395278

Cave Rock Invitational 2014 // Highlight Reel – https://vimeo.com/102398876

Other day about a week ago – https://vimeo.com/101835759

Kevin Orihuela /////// Australia and Bali + Bonus Section – https://vimeo.com/102164775

Salt Horizon – Teaser – https://vimeo.com/102182892

Congratulation Jared Houston – ITACOATIARA PRO 2014 – https://vimeo.com/102119727

Desert Sands – https://vimeo.com/101970353

Gypsy The Series // Jarrod Nichols – https://vimeo.com/101947610

David Barbosa – Rio de Janeiro – https://vimeo.com/101579879

GH4 100FPS TEST (BODYBOARDING) – https://vimeo.com/101223367

The 8 Trailer – https://vimeo.com/101409775

HEINOUS Episode 11 – Cade Sharp – https://vimeo.com/101474147

Yvon Martinez Winter 14 – https://vimeo.com/101399260

Gypsy The Series // Episode 3 – https://vimeo.com/101326754

Lackey – Little Marley – https://vimeo.com/101355158

Brothers. – https://vimeo.com/101200045

Oahu – Max Castillo Part – https://vimeo.com/101159968

Image Filmz presents Jacob Hein – https://vimeo.com/101198902

Lachlan Cramsie // Samoa – https://vimeo.com/101064622

Yann Salaun // France – https://vimeo.com/101157356

Yoan Florantin / Canary Island – https://vimeo.com/100884176

TOM RIGBY – DESERT DESTRUCTION – https://vimeo.com/100758755

New FLPMD website and Collection

The new FLPMD range is out as well as their new website, check it out: http://www.flpmd.com


Ben Player has a new website

Which you can check here: http://www.benplayer.net

Ben Player

Split – New movie coming Sept. 1st

New video project, 4 videographers, 4 riders, a FREE Premiere on Sept. 1st on www.leboogie.com

Tyge Landa vs. Nick Gornall
Ryan Mattick vs. Jordan Putland
Todd Barnes vs. Mitch Rawlins
Dave Fox vs. Tom Rigby

Vids of the week

Another cool batch of vids to watch this week! Read the rest of this entry »

Vids of the week

Another batch of vids to watch: Read the rest of this entry »

Vids of the week

A selection of must-see vids for this week (and last week) Read the rest of this entry »

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