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Lost Cause DVD cover Here is the new Supastars video. It’s full of super good footage, waves and riders. The video features some of today’s supastar spongers such as matt lackey, mason rose, mitch rawlins, hubb, ryan hardy and sean virtue . There are a few fun skits (i laughed more watching the first supastars video coz it was more sketchy and looked all crooked , nevermind) and stuff but what makes it a good video is the level of riding and the waves quality.

There are lots of extra footage which is nice and stats about the riders. The extra tow out session is crazy ! you gotta see that, whether you think it is bodyboarding or not, it’s such a cool thing.

Nice overall video + super good quality DVD + huge level of riding = good times ahead in the sofa when there’s no waves !

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  miles wrote @ December 12th, 2007 at 11:53 am

Uhm, this is a NF review how?

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