The Pillage DVD cover This is the latest Josh Libby movie, it says mixtape vol2 on the cover, i guess the first one was ‘the untouchable’ but the Pillage is way different and way better. It’s all Hawaii stuff. It’s got one section per rider and 8 riders.

In order of appearance, you’ve got Mike Stewart right after the intro with a good & long section in which you can see the master himself charging 3rd reef pipe like your backyard shorebreak. Then comes Ronk. Then Skipper with a pretty good section (on a pantera soundtrack); some of the footage looks old but the video took 3 years to film so that’s fine. Jarret Lau is next, he’s got a solid section with his trademark smooth airs and reverses 360’s. Then comes Kainoa with his usual dose of gangsta Rap soundtrack and fat DK pits at pipe. Ohhh and then it’s Chad militante’s part: you’d better hold your breath on that one coz he charges supa hard and busts one of the biggest reverse air of bodyboarding’ history and lands it perfectly. His section is the highlight of the vid’ coz you dont see him that often and that’s such a good section which the music (system of a down) matches perfectly.

Next is Alex Kinimaka, smooth rides and big barrels. There’s a lil’ mix section with south af’ and oz guys between kinimaka and Hubb. Hubb has the last section: it’s all about “new school baby, new move !” as the squirrel himself says. Nothing much to add, he’s got a solid section on a solid eminem soundtrack…

A very enjoyable video that is well edited…

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