SOFT SPOKEN // Sean Manning

Soft Spoken DVD cover Another R.O.T. video. This is number 9. This one features Hubbard who’s got a super nice section, Alistair Taylor, always charging, Botha who’s got some good waves from last winter in Hawaii, then comes Roach. Most of the footage is from the indo experiment trip (with Riptide mag) so it’s not new Roach footage but it’s Roach footage and Roach footage is something rare so it’s always good.

Then comes a trippy/arty section with Bitzer which is pretty good. Matt Lackey’s next, this is one of the best section i’ve seen of Lackey, i dont know if it’s new footage or not but this section shows all his DK skills, both front and backside on a cool Pridebowl song. I’ll talk about the music later anyway.Then you’ve got some old Fred Booth footage in prone, with his unmatchable smooth style. Brian Wise has the last section with some solid pipe barrels. Brian charges as usual with his clean style.

Well, something disappointed me though in the video. It’s written “new school” punk on the cover of the dvd (about the soundtrack) but half the music in the video is from ROT4 and even Propaganda. Maybe you havent seen those videos but those who were riding 5 years ago might remember and be as surprised as me. Maybe we shoulda buy the video half the price if half the music is from previous ROT videos ??
Nice footage and images though, not that well edited…You judge by yourself. Better than FRONT maybe.

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