RETROSPECT Vol.1 // Rush & Darkside prod.

Retrospect Vol.1 DVD cover This is the latest Rush/Darkstar project and it’s the Vol.1 of 3 Volumes. Yep, we’re talking about a ‘Best of’ Trilogy. The three videos are gonna cover the last 15 years of bodyboarding history : the riders and the events. It’s such a good idea and it’s the first time this is done on video. The vol.1 which i’m reviewing here has a dozen of riders profiles : the most influential riders in the sport past and present. The images are really cool, some old, some new, it is well edited for a Best of video, the music is good and the mini interviews of some of the riders or riders friends are fine. I wish each segment/profile was longer. But the video is quite long, so i c’ant complain. The Botha segment is awesome, the Tamega one as well. You’ll have to watch the video to discover the other segments. The Roach one is way too short but the Vol.2 of the trilogy is an all DK vol. so i guess we’ll see some cool Roach footage in the vol.2

Young or old sponger, this video is entertaining, instructive and fun to watch.

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