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Option Video Mag 02 DVD cover OPTION VIDEO MAG issue 02. Issue 01 was a warm up video i guess and this one is the real shit. Everything issue 01 lacked of, issue 02 has it and much more. This video is absolutly fantastic. The editing, the titles, the footage, the quality of the footage, the diversity of the features : everything rocks. I love the mind blowing intro, it gets you sooo freaking amped on bodyboarding. I dont know how long Luga Podesta spent on his Mac editing this jewel but i bet he spent quite a few days and nights. The music rocks as well, it’s all Rock/Indie/Emo/Pop/Punk stuff and it fits the footage perfectly.

On the menu we have : Brandon ODB Foster as your host, a trip in OZ, a Day In A Life with Ross Mc Bride, a Damian King section, two spot check : Ventura CA and Puerto Mexico, the Cabo Freak Fest coverage, a Hubb Bros. Profile, and a Lil Todd profile.

All the video is great, it makes you travel, the riders and waves are good and it’s refreshing. We really liked this vid. I’d give it an A-. Congrats’ Luga.

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