DVD Review – NO FRIENDS 1 & 2 DVD set

NO FRIENDS 1 & 2 DVD set // No Friends Prod.

No Friends 1 & 2 DVD cover This is a re-edition of NF1&2 videos, but on DVD this time. It’s a pretty good idea. For all NF fans out there, this is a must have, specially if you’re over 20 and spent hours back in the days watching NF1 and 2 VHS tapes. 7 years ago ! Already 7 videos and numerous side projects : the least we can say is that No Friends aint kidding with good videos and the first videos they put together with Stoker are what built the myth. I was so amped to see Roach’s parts in NF 1 and 2 again. Not to mention all the good riders, some already famous, some that were gonna be famous soon and the ones we never saw again. The Phil Harnsberger section in South AF’ is all time in NF1 as well as the Ross part and the unmatchable music choice of both videos.

Pretty much like THE INSIDE by Scott Carter, NF1&2 are videos one must have in his dvd collection. The bonus section is alright, a couple interviews, old pictures that are gonna make you feel old if you remember them and when you saw them in the magazines at the time, as well as Stoker’s comments. It’s good stuff. I wish there were more interviews of the riders in the bonus.

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