Tension Diaries DVD cover TENSION videos ! Uh ! This is Number 7 and this is the best one so far. There are less Jackass skits and stunts than usual in this one and more surfing than ever. The dvd is absolutly awesome, action packed, really good images and film quality, huge level in the water and nice editing. It’s not a No Friends kind of editing, it’s a whole different thing but it’s freaking good and original. The Diaries concept is that each section is a month in the year. And each month last year was great for the Tension team !

You’ll watch plenty of different spots and waves around the world, lots of Winny, Virtue, Kingy, Benny, Toby, Wong, Brad Hughes, Lackey and Mitch ‘Rocky’ Rawlins. The shark island contest filmed from a chopper is pretty awesome, the mex trip is great, every single section is good. There’s something in this vid that reminds you how fun boogieboarding is and how far you can go with a little sponge both travelling and surfing. A must have, really.

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