DVD Review – TENSION 8

TENSION 8 // Chris White

Tension 8 DVD cover Tension 8 : “Crouching tension hidden camera”. The dvd is as nuts as its title : it’s awesome ! Once again Chris White came up with a great video. Probably not as good as Tension 7 because Tension 7 was very well edited and had a special ‘vacation’ mood which was really really nice. Tension 8 is action packed with great sessions, great riders and great locations.

The crew is pretty much the same : Virtue, Toby and Benny Player, Hardy, Rawlins, Whitey, Winny, Hughes, Jackson etc. You’re guaranteed to burst out laugh with the stupid ideas White and his mates have when they dont surf. The music is electro oriented this time with old school dance stuff and house shit. Like it or not, those crappy songs set a special mood in the video which you will enjoy (or get used to at least) very quickly. Only Tension videos have the right to use such crappy music in bbing dvds. Dont try to imitate this at home kids !

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