A BLANK CANVAS // M.Smith & Redefynd.

A Blank Canvas DVD cover Damn ! I dont know where to start with A BLANK CANVAS. Mickey Smith and his buddies did a great job. Well, i shouldnt say job : the video sounds more like an endless surf trip mixed with a taste of human adventure and it feels good, really good !The video is different, the waves and spots are different, the riders (Crashy, Harry Dixon and Brendo) are some of the best out there, the editing is different, the music is (or tries to be) different. I dont want to describe the video and tell you that they surfed “Motherland”, “Middleearth” and “Mars” during a 4-month crazy trip, because you’ll discover all this by yourself. Why will you discover all this by yourself ? Because you need to get your hands on this video !

Everything we love about bodyboarding is out there : the journey, the destination, the unknown road, the unknown spots, the true friendship, the barrels, the adrenaline, the new discoveries and the freedom. Also read the RIPTIDE issue featuring the whole trip Mickey and his buddies did, it’s worth it.

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