SEGREGATION // Chad Stickney

Segregation DVD cover This is California videoman Chad Stickney’s first video. Among the last videos i’ve seen i enjoyed Segregation quite a lot. We need more small productions like this DVD. Chad went everywhere to film that one, and he filmed stuffs that we never see in other videos.

There’s a cool overall mood in this video, and it will make you wanna go tripping, or run to the nearest beach to go surf. The Mex and Hawaii sections are really nice, and you’ll see a lot of bodyboarders that you dont often see (Babby Quinones, Scotty Carter etc.). Dk lovers will dig this video coz’ there’s a lot of DK in the video. The music is good and diverse , it made me think of the INSIDE soundtrack a little bit sometimes (Beastie Boys, reggae music, south-american tunes…).

The waterfootage is good and entertaining, and the quality of the images is good most of the time, no blurry and fuzzy shit that you sometimes have in first effort vids, however, the editing and titles aint the best. Chad’s working on the next video and will probably improve the editing.

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