Saturated Thought DVD cover Saturated Thought was a really good surprise, i didnt know what to expect and this new aussie video was actually really good. Mostly Hawaii footage from this past winter on the north shore and a little bit of Oz as well. The really mellow soundtrack and smooth editing fits the awesome water footage and super nice land stuff as well. It’s not a slow-mo shitty wannabe arty video.

The editing is clean and simple and the quality of the image is good through out the whole DVD, it’s not changing with crappy cams sometimes and good ones at other times. The pipe footage from the water, the whole day from dawn to dusk and the sessions with winny and benny and everyone will blow your mind, it really feels like you were out there too. Between the sections some of the big names pros talk a little bit about what bbing means to them etc. It not really philosophical but not uninteresting either.

To sum it up : good video, good footage, smooth soundtrack, not your classic ‘déjà vu’ stuff from Hawaii, really good stuff !

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