THE ROAD // Digital Children.

The Road DVD cover This is not a bodyboarding DVD, this is an experience, a bodyboarding ‘voyage’, and a story. The Road retraces the amazing adventures of Michael Novy, Glen Thurston, Brendon Newton, Harry Dixon, Grizzla, Ryan Mattic and Adam Benwell during 6 months, all around the australia coast. Narrated mainly by Brendon Newton between each section, The Road is an endless suite of heart-stopping footage, heavy action and crazy kids attempting very few of us would attempt. A night on a boat in the middle of the ocean looking for a spot ? a 20 foot drop into a massive slab ? breaking a jet ski in the middle of nowhere ? getting stuck in the desert with an old 4WD and no gaz ? It’s all in there ! ah ah and it’s entertaining and fascinating. Much respect to the crew !

Footage-wise, the quality is unbelievable, the editing is really really good too, the titles are cool, the narration pretty good too, and the music choice is prefect and suits the DVD really well. Well done guys ! It’s one of the best DVDs this year.

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