DVD Review – TENSION 10

TENSION 10 // Chris White.

Tension 10 DVD cover Ah ! the long-awaited TENSION # 10 ! This is the last TENSION video but not the least. Do you know the definition of entertainment ? Ahhhh this is what TENSION 10 is all about. TENSION DVDs have a solid reputation and Mr White was not short of ideas for this last one. It’s got really good quality footage from the boys surfing the heaviest spots in Oz, Hawaii, Chile, etc.

It’s got never seen before footage of foil-bodyboarding. It’s got never seen before footage of night tow-at’s. (remember the MOVEMENT Mag balck and green cover with Rockdog launching a massive reverse air ? this is it, but with motion pictures…). It’s got never seen before footage of Ryan Hardy doing’ it’s Shakira thing ! Hilarious stuff. It’s goot good music choice and oh ! it’s got a nice Simpsons intro too.

Well it’s a DVD that needs to be watched more than once, believe me ! I hope Chris White and the boys are coming back next year with a new amazing project. We’ll miss the TENSION DVDs that’s for sure.

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