DOUBLE OR NOTHING // Stoked On Life Prod.

Double or Nothing DVD cover This is the new stoked on Life Prod. DVD. It’s one of the rare DVD coming out of California this year. It’s pretty good with nice footage from all around the world, the music is good too. The editing and the quality of the images ain’t super good but it’s alright. The spots and filming angles are different from all the other vids and it’s refreshing.

The best segment is the Roach one at the end. Fresh Roach footage. It’s short and the waves are small but it’s always good to watch Roach killing it in Cabo san Lucas. Let’s make it clear and simple : Roach owns it on the knee, has always owned it and will always. He’s the master, no questions asked. His intro a la « Bay Watch » style is hilarious. You gotta see this!

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  Jim wrote @ June 27th, 2009 at 9:45 pm

This video is rad. Went to the premiere back when it came out and then bought it. Still love the Roach section! Good to see him back on the knee. Too bad the waves in Cabo weren’t massive, but still fun to see his style.
The paralyzed bodyboarder section of Nestor getting help from Hubb, Skipp, Manny and a bunch of other people helping him bodyboard again was one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen! Way to go guys!

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