THE INSIDE // Scotty Carter

The Inside DVD cover The inside was filmed and released by Scotty Carter 10 years ago and he just re-released it on DVD. This is one of the best bbing movie ever, if not the best ever.

The Inside was the bench mark 10 years ago. Some of the footage might seem a little bit old to the younger guys but this is an awesome video that everyone needs to watch. Scotty was ahead of his time when he filmed and edited this. Great footage from all over the world are mixed with political and environnemental messages, flowless images, nutz skits and quotes. The soundtrack is really good, you never get sick of watching this. Chad Barba’s footage at the wedge, Roach footage in Mexico, Grodzen in Cali… it’s so good to watch this again on DVD !

Scotty also re-realeased ENOUGH SAID (older than the Inside).

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