It’s been 10 Years already since No Friends 1. Filmed by Liam O’Brien and Edited by Todd Barnes, No Friends 10 a.k.a DECADE wont disappoint the NF fans.

NF 10 DECADE DVD Cover NF 10 is really well filmed and edited, the quality of the images and the overall quality of the video is top noch. The music rules, with a great choice of styles and bands which is perfect. Most songs fit the riders and action really well.

That being said, even if the vdeo is super good, i still felt that it lacks a little something that made the old NF videos so much cool and different. I dont know why and i dont know what it lacks but this is the way i felt. The video editing is good and simple, yet less arty than what Todd Barnes did for his own VIDEO project.

Action-wise, i was frothing on Skippys section which shows how much Skippy loves riding and how well he surfs. He’s amazing. Same for Hubb and Hardy, same for Ross who rules in bigger hawaii or chopes surf. Damn, all the action is good. Lackey has a nice section although the trash metal music doesnt reflect his smooth style. The Hawaii section rocks as well. The sections follow each others very well, and they are well-linked. This is a must see. Definitely.

Old guys like me would have liked more old stuff retrospective on the good old days maybe, i’m not sure. Anyway, youngers riders will like it: there isnt much blah blah and very few old images, it’s mainly action, action & action and all is well wrapped in a nice way.

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