DVD Review – ROAM

Another long-awaited DVD review: ROAM. Filmed par Bryce THURSTON (The Road) and edited by Todd Barnes (VIDEO, NF DECADE…), it’d be hard not to digg this DVD. Read the rest of the review to know why.

ROAM DVD coverDamn, sweet DVD, great editing, high quality film and a cool “Todd Barnes” touch that is pretty unique and stylish. It’s both simple, effective and different from the rest. Bryce’s filming is really good too and there’s heaps of awesome angles in the movie, from Land, Chopper, Aqua etc.

From the beginning to the end you’ll be frothing, impressive riding, waves and talents with a bunch of freaking good riders: Jake STONE, Michael NOVY, Chris JAMES and Glen THURSTON to name the main riders. Heaps of good spots and crazy sessions: Oz (south coast), Luna park chopper footage, South Oz, East and then West Oz, plus Glen Thurston, Novy, Jake (and his great pick up lines with the ladies) and Chris James sections.

Editing is clean and there’s no down time, it’s a good and classy video. It’s a good mix between the kind of DVD you enjoy watching in your sofa with a good beer for an hour, and the kinda DVD you watch in a rush just before paddling out at your local break. All the riders are charging like maniacs, and there’s good Tow At’s angles and footage too. The music choice is good and fits the footage quite well.

Bonus stuff includes: LACKEY, Pierre Louis COSTES, and Wipe Outs.

Yes you can buy it, you will not regret it ! It’s well worth the $$$. No, we’re not saying it’s cool when it’s not, we wouldn’t tell you to go buy it if it sucked.

About 50min

Reviewed by Davo and TC

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