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Another late DVD Review. DRAW by Panic Button is one hell of a good DVD with the biggest waves ever seen in a boogie video. Absolutely massive pits, both paddle and tow in action. Crazy shit ! Read more and click below…

Spongercity Draw DVD ReviewThe Panic Button crew has pretty much taken over where the TENSION videos left. Part of the crew is the same (Brad Hughes, Chad Jackson, Chris White etc.) and the DVD has kind of a TENSION feeling to it, with funny “Never smile at a crocodile” skits and other crazy stuff. The editing and video quality is awesome, the music is good, the titles and intros are perfect and the action is unbelievable. There’s the biggest pits you will ever see in a boogie video, it’s behond everything you can ride on a boogie. Just big, massive, fat, thick, life-threatening barrels. Other than uber-human riding, there’s also motorized-human flying two ats, and humanly-human perfect riding in perfect pits in the desert, in west oz, in the mentawaii (awesome) and everywhere you can think of.

We loved it, and you’ll love it too, there’s nothing to leave in this DVD, only good stuff. Maybe The Panic Button crew could have added one more exotic destination like the mentawaii to make the video absolutely perfect.

Nothing else to say about this video. It’s one of the best we’ve watched, along with Roam and the Waldron Bros vids this year.

The Panic Button has a really nice website with both the teasers of the video (the one we put on the Spongercity Podcast) and also a 11 or 12 clips Draw Podcast so make sure you go there and download them all. It’s worth it.


[...] just noticed that The Panic Button crew (makers of DRAW Dvd) uploaded a new Episode on their cool podcast. It’s Episode 2.1 – Deep South – WA. Sean [...]

  Jay wrote @ July 16th, 2008 at 7:26 am

Just watched this dvd last nite, was insane footage, but a lot of it felt like pretty budget shots, camera shake, lack of effort put into scenic shots etc. For goodness sakes get a freaking tripod that can pan smoothly or ditch the shot-period. The overall production of the film, excluding the motion graphics and menus, was completely substandard. Rather spend your money on ROAM if you want a good flick to watch. DRAW lacked substance and composition, which was a real shame as some of the footage was mental. The editing was really poor and boring as hell. Honestly i felt ripped as the trailer was so sick and DRAW is the most expensive DVD on the shelf.

  Diogo wrote @ September 9th, 2008 at 12:37 pm

Do you know where can i buy DRAW DVD here in Europe zone.

Thank you!


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