DVD Review – Love Live Life

Love Live Life is the new Boss It Up DVD. Boss It Up is a Portuguese crew of bodyboarders, filming and organizing events in Portugal (such as the FFAT Euro Freak Fest event in portugal with Manny Vargas). This DVD will take you around the world with the Boss It Up crew and all their friends. There are so many good riders from Portugal. We knew that but we were still amazed while watching the DVD. We knew some of the names (the most famous ones) but most riders were totally unknown (for us at least) although all ripped. Click the link below to read the whole review for this DVD.

Spongercity love live life DVD ReviewThe DVD is quite long (an hour +) and it’s like an endless trip around the world. The crew filmed pretty much everywhere you can think of: Oz, more Oz, Europe (including Portugal, Açores, Canarias…). Some riders have their own sections. The number of riders in the video is impressive. There are some of the top pros in Oz (at the Shark Island event for example) and the rest is pretty much all Portuguese rippers. They all charge and it seems that the talent, the spots and the motivation have no limit in Portugal. They’ve got some of the best set ups for bodyboarding in Europe and it shows in the DVD. Most riders, specially the younger generation seems to be emulating the pros style (specially Oz pros) with crossed legs manoeuvers and a flowing, smooth approach on the waves.

The editing for the DVD titles and menus is really cool, the overall editing is good too and the filming and quality of the video can change a little bit from one section or session to another but most of it is good. The music is really eclectic, some of it is weird, some really good.

There’s a couple funny skits in between the sections, a la “Tension videos” which was cool. If you were at the Euro Freak Fest you’ll probably wanna see this DVD coz there’s a lot of footage from the Freak Fest in Portugal.

There’s tons of different set ups and waves quality in the DVD which is what we apreciated the most: reefs, beach breaks, point breaks, crazy shit with hectic line ups, perfect peelling barrels… everything ! The scenery is insane in Oz and Açores with sick waves.

It’s a really comprehensive video that will make you wanna travel more than anything and see new waves.

DVD is available on the Bossitup.com website. Thanx guys for sharing the DVD with us and keep on ripping and documenting everything !

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  Carlos wrote @ December 15th, 2008 at 2:17 am

We shall rule the seas once more!!!

Keep up the good work, cheers!

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